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After almost a year after its final release on the Half-Life 2: Wars forum, Half-Life 2 Wars: Revolution has been added on ModDB!

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Hello everyone! Boy, do we have a treat for you guys. Today, we bring you the first news post for the standalone Half-Life 2: Wars add-on pack, Half-Life 2 Wars: Revolution. After more than a year since it final release on the Half-Life 2 Wars(abbreviated as HL2:W) forums, Half-Life 2 Wars: Revolution(abbreviated as HL2W: R) is finally on ModDB! Allow me to explain what HL2W: R is.

Half-Life 2 Wars: Revolution is a standalone add-on to Half-Life 2: Wars, an Real-Time Strategy modification for the Source engine. Built off of HL2: W's v0.5 code(which is now outdated, you can download the latest version of Half-Life 2: Wars here) HL2W: R adds brand new units and buildings to the mod, including but not limited to:

  • HECU Marines to the "Resistance" faction
  • Civil Protection personnel for the "Combine" faction
  • Arachnids from the film "Starship Troopers" to mess around with

And much more! In the mod, you can play through Half-Life 2: Wars' three singleplayer missions utilizing HL2W: R's assets. You can also play on one skirmish map to fool around and do whatever you want with the factions, sadly because there is no opponent AI you can fight against. In the future, we most likely will create a guide for you to spawn units from the "developer console" and maybe even release a patch or two to improve some things in the game.

NOTE: We did NOT make the core files of the mod, we only added the new units, buildings, and Interface icons. All credits for the core files of the mod goes to the Half-Life 2: Wars team and Half-Life 2: Wars.

Here are some ingame screenshots taken from v1.0 of Half-Life 2 Wars: Revolution.

The images show the new Civil Protection and Nova Prospekt units for the "Combine" faction. They are buildable and controllable in Half-Life 2 Wars: Revolution.

Anyhow, the downloadable files in .RAR and .ZIP form will be ready and uploaded on ModDB.

Until next time guys,
- Adrian "The Joker" Lopez


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