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Beta 2.2 features the addition of singleplayer, including the new map sp_valley, as well as a new Combine HQ model and animations, a new main menu, and numerous other improvements.

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Beta 2.2 of Half-Life 2: Wars is here, and we have some neat stuff to show you! Singleplayer support has been added (past the existing tutorial mission) and we have added a new singleplayer mission called sp_valley for you to check out! Here's a preview:

Image Image
Image Image

In addition to singleplayer support, this release includes a new main menu screen that has been completely overhauled both visually and functionally and is now based off HTML rather than the generic Source engine menu screen you've seen so many times before. There is also a brand new Combine HQ model, complete with building and destruction animations, and a host of general UI and HUD improvements to help streamline the interface and improve situational awareness. On top of that there are the usual assortment of bugfixes, gameplay balancing changes, and performance optimizations.

See the full changelog at the end of this post for more details on Beta 2.2. Click the button below to update Half-Life 2: Wars via Desura. Alternatively, you can download the full HL2: Wars Beta 2.2.0 beta files from Moddb in 7z archive format (extract to your Steam/SteamApps/SourceMods directory).

If you are having trouble downloading from Desura or Moddb use our mirror instead: click here to download 2.2.0. Let us know on our community forum if you are willing to help us out and host a mirror for our releases!


Wars 2.2.0 changes

* New HTML based Main Menu
* Single Player Missions
* Added a notification for "Control Point under attack" (sound and hud message)
* The player can jump to locations of the most recent events by pressing space bar
* Control points now flash on the minimap when captured, lost or under attack
* Units under attack now flash on the minimap
* Replaced unit portrait videos by 3d render of units
* Cover spots are now visualized by particle effects. Units in cover now have a cover icon floating above their heads

* Updated: or_trapped
* NEW: sp_valley (Single Player)

Balance and Gameplay:
* Unit glow outline is now always enabled to improve the visibility of units to the player
* Combine mine is now cloaked. The mine can be destroyed when detected. The mine will also detonate faster now
* Rebel Medic will no longer autocast heal unless the unit is at least for 30 hp damage, to avoid wasting unnecessary healing
* Reduced cost of deploying manhacks from 2 to 1 requisition.
* Increased Hunter flechette damage from 3 to 5 and charge damage from 120 to 200
* Buildings now take only 15% damage from "bullet" and only 35% damage from "pulse" weapons
* Decreased amount of population provided by rebels headquarters from 10 to 6, to force building billet buildings more early in the game
* "Spread Units" command now clears all active orders before spreading out the selected units
* You must now click much closer on cover spots to activate them

* New Combine Headquarters model (including work and destruction animations)

Unit Navigation:
* Giving a move order at a friendly unit will now make the selection follow that unit, instead of going to the last position of that unit

Network Optimizaton:
* Reduced entity load upon spawning new units (reduced lag a lot in Overrun in particular)
* Units out of screen of players now send less data and are updated at a lower rate (just enough for the minimap)

* Potential crash when receiving chat lines up on joining a multiplayer match
* Building rally points sometimes incorrectly drawn
* Unit sensing code not using the attack priority applied to "objects" when using attack move (i.e. force attack explosive barrel)
* Gamelobby: already chosen positions of players not send to new players entering the gamelobby
* Initially alpha of notifier messages being incorrect, causing a short flash while fading in
* Units not moving to the next queued order if the previous order was a move order to another friendly unit
* Ropes not rendered correctly, due incorrect files from Episode Two
* Crash when starting at a resolution of 1080p, then change it to 720p and finally load a map
* Order sound times not reset on map change, causing order sounds not to play when changing maps

* New experimental lighting mode using swarm-deferred. Mixes lightmaps and deferred lighting. Can be start with adding "-deferred" to the launch options
* Water shader now supports Fog of War (darkens water in fow)
* Updated Chromium Embedded Framework to revision 1442
* Updated jqWidgets to 3.0.2
* Added cheat command "unit_scale_selection", which scales the model sizes of the unit selection


Oh snap o=

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Awesome work guys, been continuously more and more fun the further you got in the development process!

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I have been waiting for Single player for son long, <3

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Epic that you don't stop on developing this inredibile HL2-mod. Unfortunately Desura isn't working properly. But when Desura will work again I will test this mod again with my girlfriend. :D

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I have all the requirements for the mod, but I don't have it on steam.. How else can I install it?

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Wouldn't it be cool if the 3d rendered unit picture isn't black in the background but instead is a camera in front of the unit with a close up? :)

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Does it still run on the Alien Swarm engine?

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Yes, but we updated the shaders.

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