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Half Life 2: Raising the Bar Redux: Update V1.2, detailing additions since the last article.

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Half Life 2: Raising the Bar REDUX: Update V1.2

Hello once more, everyone!

I've been hard at work since the last update doing a bit of a "weapons overhaul"; the intent of which being to try and fix the weapons the original mod team had planned. Significant progress has been made on this front, although more work is still needing to be done before they're fully fixed. Some progress shots of d1_terminal are also ready.

Firstly, though - the weapons:


mp5k pretty

MP5K Blender render.

mp5k ingame

MP5K in-game.

The MP5K was a weapon conceptualised in the original HL2 Beta but only ever seen as the worldmodel for the original SMG1. The original Raising the Bar team had all the scripting and such done for the MP5K, but the viewmodel/worldmodel was using the SMG as a placeholder. Thanks to yogo361 on Free3D for the public-use model, I've been able to replace it with something a little more accurate. Some improvements to the base textures came with it, and at this time I'm still looking to replace the animations.


20180221134353 1

Immolator render.

immolator ingame

Immolator in-game.

The Immolator was the weapon used by the popular cut enemy from the HL2 Beta, the Cremator. Although the RTB team did not make any forays into scripting the Cremator, they did make some work on the weapon. The viewmodel was using their tau-cannon as the placeholder, but special thanks goes to Evil Garlic/Arseniy Kuznetsov for his fantastic Immolator model! It has bugs in the animations and weapon scripting as of right now, but I will be using my limited knowledge to try and fix them in the mean time.


iceaxe ingame

Iceaxe in-game.

The Iceaxe was a weapon that the developers had been working on but were using the crowbar as the placeholder view model. The reason for this is the iceaxe's original model and animations from the hl2 beta are a bit of a mess. Thus, I improved the textures and re-rigged the iceaxe to the crowbar's animations, meaning it looks and functions better overall.

That's all the weapons out of the way. Now for some work-in-progress shots of the Terminal map!

d1_terminal WIP

terminal wip

Terminal WIP 1 (plus bonus Combot).

terminal wip2

Terminal WIP 2 (plus bonus Tau Cannon).

I've gotten some exterior help from another Source mapper - GameSmert/Owen Allison - in getting this map finished up, but so far it's going very well. Whilst he works on that, I've got another map in the works that will hopefully be prepared for a V2.0 update. I will also be going back to the Manhack arcade to make some improvements to the overall design.

That's all for now! Stay tuned for more.



Nice weapon models!

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The MP5 skin looks so clean, and Terminal is looking great! The one thing I'd love to see is good use of the skybox to make the background of the map seem much more expansive, i.e. lots of buildings, scanners, etc., kind of like Titanfall.

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