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Important news regarding the Adeptus Mechanicus Modification for Dawn of War : Soulstorm.

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Praise the Machine Spirit!

Please allow me to broadcast to your vox important information regarding the Adeptus Mechanicus Mod for Soulstorm. This mod was started by Hell-Stalker some years ago with intention of creating a multi-branched mod of the Adeptus Mechanicus using units pretty much entirely designed by Hell-Stalker himself.

So, the bad news first is that Hell-Stalker is stepping down for personal reasons, which is obviously devastating news in and of itself. So firstly, feel free to wish him well and thank him in the comments below.

So, is there good news? Why yes, the good news is that he has very kindly given permission for Team Thudmeiser to carry on the torch in developing the mod. What this will means is that owing to the varying state of units that a few of the units seen on the page here (Glaive Tank, Myrmidon, new Knight) will not feature in the mod as they are just not done. Because of this, the focus of the mod is now reduced to Explorators alone.

Does that sound like good news? I'm not sure reading it back... how about I mention that this one branch has a new play style, all the units and more seen in the header image are in it and complete (see the newest unit in the images section) and it is in a VERY advanced state of completion.


Good, thought so.

So this is using saying "Hi!" and to reassure you that the mod is not dead, it is very cool to develop for and will be very cool to play with such wonderful and unique units plucked from Hell-Stalker's brain. You will have a complete race coming soon, gang!

VoidLight - - 896 comments

Keep up the good work!

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jONES1979 - - 2,368 comments

Hell-Stalker = Karandas

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blaster24680q - - 45 comments

Good work team!

Question, does this means no Knights?

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fuggles2k Author
fuggles2k - - 976 comments

It has the original knight paladin model - I like it, reminds me of an ice hockey player, which makes me think of Casey Jones.

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Lord_Cylarne - - 7,166 comments

Kewl. Can't wait to see the mod released. Oh btw, when it is done, lemme know and I'll update it here:

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fuggles2k Author
fuggles2k - - 976 comments

Add it to the list if you want, it will be relatively soon.

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Haze221 - - 132 comments

What about making it compatible with UA, when finished? Playing AdMech in UA...Titan spam incoming.

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IGdood - - 56 comments

Perhaps if possible, combine this Adeptus Mechanicus mod with the one being developed by I_Nertia?

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fuggles2k Author
fuggles2k - - 976 comments

It is not possible, one is a 30K mod, the other is a completely imagined 40K mod. I suspect neither author would be happy with the end result!

At least this way you get two cool mods!

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Guest - - 693,196 comments

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