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A huge number of new tech cards are now present - one for every unit in the game. The tech cards have also been rebalanced to give them a little more oomph. Finally, the lowest difficulty levels are a touch more forgiving.

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  • 38 unit upgrade cards, every unit now has an associated upgrade for a total of 109
  • Your system lore preference is now saved between wars

Metal planet with Catalysts


  • Simplified upgrade tech checks to improve future compatibility
  • Buffed the following unit upgrades:
    • Advanced Radar
    • Angel
    • Ant
    • Astraeus
    • Firefly
    • Laser Defense Tower
    • Leviathan
    • Manhattan
    • Phoenix
    • Radar
    • Skitter
    • Slammer
    • Stingray
    • SXX-1304 Laser Platform
  • Nerfed the following unit upgrades:
    • Grenadier
  • Removed Tougher Commanders option from war setup
  • Tougher Commanders added as an AI buff
  • Foundation invest more heavily into their navy where possible
  • Tougher Commanders gives enemy commanders mine vision
  • Luddites no longer tech late but instead maintain a high ratio of T1 to T2 factories
  • Rush is no longer bot focused
  • Economist builds less defences
  • Increased naval usage by Uber, Platinum, and Gold
  • AI buffs appear one system earlier at Silver and above
  • AI buffs appear one system later at Bronze and below
  • Sub-commanders produce less fabbers

Annihilaser annihilating a planet


  • Fabrication Bot, Stitch, and Mend being misidentified in the What Units? tooltip
  • Chance of receiving some naval techs being too high
  • Cluster Worker Rush using the wrong number of fabbers

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