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AS Val, VSS Vintorez, Visual Upgrade for AS/VSS, Scopes and GUNSLINGER gameplay.

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AS Val and VSS Vintorez are completed now. They have their own unique animations, wide customization including tactical handles, laser sights and variation of optic sights.


The video features VSS Vintorez' upgrade tree at 3:44 mark. AS Val has the same upgrade tree with the exception of extended magazine.

AS Val standard magazine is 20rnd mag while VSS Vintorez is 10rnd (you can use Vintorez with 20rnd mag after upgrading). Val is lighter than Vintorez. AS Val also features faster drawing, holstering and aiming, but it's losing in accuracy with VSS Vintorez. AS Val' speed advantages are very useful then you need to use items like medkits. So, AS Val is more suitable for close and medium ranges and VSS Vintorez is long-range weapon.

You can attach 5 types of optics to AS Val and VSS Vintorez.

  • Kobra
  • PK-A
  • Kashtan
  • 1PN93-1 Night Sight
  • PSO-1M2-1
  • Rakurs-PM (only with Weaver rail mount)

Weapon sway and recoil are increasing while using your weapon (not to be confused with original game's effect where weapon's spread is increasing as weapon is wearing down), so it's harder to aim with weapons which are about to be worn-out. You can see that in the end of the video.


AS Val
  SAM61 - Model
  Millenia - Texture

VSS Vintorez
  SAM61 - Model and texture

Laser sight
  Synap - Model and texture

Tactical handle with flashlight
  SAM61 - Model and texture

Kobra sight, sight mount
  Millenia - Model and texture

PK-A sight
  Paul68Rageous - HP model
  SAM61 - LP model and texture
  Mr.Rifleman - Texture

Kashtan sight
  SAM61 - HP model and texture
  Mr.Rifleman - LP model

1PN93-1 night sight
  SAM61 - Model and texture

PSO-1M2-1 sight
  Paul68Rageous - HP model
  SAM61 - LP model and texture

Rakurs-PM sight
  SAM61 - Model and texture

STRIFER - FPS animation, compile and icons
Sin! - Engine fixes, scripts, config
Mr.Rifleman - 3D/2D art
SAM61 - 3D/2D art
Synap - 3D/2D art
Navaяo - Sounds

Special thanks
Hans "Millenia" Palm:
Pavol "Paul68Rageous" Humaj:

And that's it for now. We aren't using source code to implement new features. We also don't take any requests. Read our FAQ to know more.

Thanks for reading!
Useful links:
Official YouTube channel
F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)


So many Stalker fans can't wait for this mod to release! Thanks for everyone's hard work :)

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nice work! this is art

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wow this one looks promissing ! I'm hyped... Overhyped !

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Damn, it's so nice. Honestly, god-tier modding this.

If only I had my weld marks on my VSS / VAL :'(

No, jk guys. Outstanding quality. Let me know if particles need to be made. I'm open to business again

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known release date fashion?

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End 2015, probably early Q1 2016

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A few months ago Strifer said on one of his Youtube videos ~1,5 years, so probably summer/fall 2016.

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