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An article about the work being done on ground. It talks about my progress on ground, and my intentions for the complete finished mod.

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Hey guys!

Just wanted to update. I've been working on ground forces for a few weeks now. While I have a great deal of work to do, it seems to be going smoothly now that I figured out how to add hardpoints to ground vehicles and have them work properly. To give an example: the AT-ST will have its light blaster cannon and grenade launcher in addition to its main weapons. I intend to give to Empire and Rebellion a more distinct feel in game play and eventually the Consortium as well. For now my work consists of inputting data and testing. For now I've managed to streamline the projectiles, armor, and penetration and currently am moving from there.

My current intentions are to have 4 separate files for you guys. 1 for only ground, 1 for only space, 1 for both space and ground, and 1 for just the regular Empire at War maps so people can opt to play the game in its original form without the Consortium, giving you guys the option to keep a portion of what you like and may not like.

It will be a couple months before I roll out ground changes.

Happy gaming folks!

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