What this mod changes:


*Defilers now have a 60 second build time and can only be built on 4 planets, Hypori, Wayland, Endor, and Nal Hutta

*added the singleplayer maps from the original Empire At War so that players can opt to not play against the Consortium.

*In multiplayer, the Empire starts with 3 TIE Fighter squadrons, and the Consortium starts with 4 Z-95 Squadrons

*Consortium can now build Z-95s in multiplayer

*Income upgrades costs for Consortium have been reduced to Rebel and Empire levels in multiplayer


*All non-hardpoint hero ships have had their HP and shields reduced considerably.

*All hero units now have an ability called Expert Handling that increases all their stats.

*Darth Vader now only spawns 2 wingmen and its cooldown has been reduced significantly.

*Millenium Falcon now has Power to Shields

*All non-hardpoint hero ships now slowly (or greatly in Vader's case) heal over time


-All weapons have been modified to have streamlined accuracy, range, and damage.

*Weapons have one of 4 Ranges, Fighter (500 units)[All fighter weapons], Close(800 units)[Missiles, Torpedoes, Anti-fighter lasers), Mid (1200 units)[Ion Cannons, Corvette Turbolasers, Mass Drivers, Consortium Megaweapons], Long (2000 units) [Capital Turbolasers]

*Lasers are accurate against all enemy types

*Turbolasers and Ion Cannons are accurate against ships and decreased accuracy for smaller ships such as corvettes.

*Weapon Penetration has been changed and streamlined

(Ion cannons and Mag-Pulse Torpedoes do double or triple damage against shields, and no damage or little damage to hulls)

(Turbolasers do double or triple damage to all hulls)

(Mass Drivers do quadruple damage against small craft hulls, triple to corvette hulls, double to frigates hulls)

-All ships have had their costs, AI Power, and build times modified based on an equation that (combined with stat weights) judges the cost based on capabilities, HP, shields etc.

*Increased the projectile speed of turbolasers

Fighter Changes

*All fighters have been modified to fit their MGLT (speed), DPF (maneuverability), Hull and Shield ratings from the X-wing game series

*All Bombers now have 5 members per squadron


*X-wings and Y-wings now slowly heal over time (Astromech Repair)

*X-wings have increased FoW reveal, and are now classified as a Fighter-Bomber and can shoot a Proton Torpedo once every 16 seconds

(Fighter-Bombers are decent at both fighting fighters AND ships but do neither as good as Fighters or Bombers at their roles)

*Removed Lure from A-wings and replaced it with Sensor Jamming

*A-wings now have concussion missiles and fire them every 8 seconds

*B-wings now shoot red lasers

*Ion Shot removed from B-wings

*Y-wings now have their Ion Cannon Turret


*TIE Fighters can now be spawned in Multiplayer, and the Empire starts with 3 of them. While not super effective, they have a very short build time and can become an angry swarm quickly.

*Removed Hunt ability from TIE Interceptors and TIE Fighters, added Turbo Boost ability to TIE Interceptors

*Removed Ion Shot ability from TIE Defenders and Power to Weapons ability

*TIE Defenders are now Fighter-Bombers

*TIE Phantoms can stealth at will but will be visible (and very vulnerable) if they try to stealth at close range

*TIE Bombers can now swap their Proton Torpedoes for Mag-Pulses for a short time to help Star Destroyers engage ships at long range


*Star Vipers now have Lure instead of Buzzdroids

*Buzz Droids have been added to Bossk instead

*The Skipray Gunboat now has a laser turret and fixed Ion Cannons

*Z95s now have a concussion missile launcher


All ships now have one of 3 speeds (1.2,1.8, 2.4) and one of 4 maneuverability ratings.

All ships have had their HP reduced and their shields reduced. Shield Regen now follows the formula Regen=Max_Shields/10.

All ships now roll when turning.


Corellian Corvette (HP: 470, SP: 240, Speed 2.4):

*Now has 2 dual Turbolaser turrets and 4 single Turbolaser Turrets

*Now Functions as a medium range harasser

Corellian Gunboat (HP: 430, SP: 230, Speed 2.4):

*Now has 4 Quadlaser Turrets as well as concussion missile launchers and excels at killing fighters

Marauder Cruiser (HP: 650, SP: 300, Speed 2.4):

*Now has a concussion missile launcher and 2 Turbolasers. Functions as a close range brawler that can swap its missiles for Diamond-Boron missiles that do significant AoE damage.

*Removed Barrage ability

Nebulon-B Frigate (HP: 1300, SP: 500, Speed 1.8):

*Now spawns 1 squadron of X-wings and does well at long range engagements

*Removed Power to Shields

Redemption [Limit 1](HP: 1300, SP: 500, Speed 1.8):

*A medical version of the Nebulon-B frigate that heals nearby units

Alliance Assault Frigate MKII (HP: 1200, SP: 700, Speed 1.8):

*Removed Defend ability

*Added Power to Weapons ability

*Swapped the locations of its turbolasers and lasers, now functions as a long range broadside ship.

MC30 Torpedo Frigate (HP: 800, SP: 650, Speed 2.4):

*Now has a Turbolaser instead of a laser cannon

*Does well in medium to short range engagements

*Now has Power to Engines

Calamari Cruiser (HP: 3360, SP: 1250, Liberty Class Speed 1.8):

*Now has its heavy dual turbolasers making it the best ship at long range

*Now spawns 1 squadron of Y-wings, and 1 squadron of A-wings

*Power to Shields ability has its shield regen rate reduced

Home One (Akbar)(HP: 3500, SP: 1550, Speed 1.2)

*Now spawns 1 squadron of X-wings, 1 squadron of B-wings, and 1 squadron of A-wings

*Now has heavy ion cannons, making this ship excel at medium range broadsides


Tartan Patrol Cruiser(HP: 480, SP: 230, Speed 2.4):

*Reduced number of laser turrets

*Now has Triple laser turrets and a forward mounted ion cannon.

*Power to Weapons ability Fire Rate bonus reduced

Broadside Class Cruiser(HP: 650, SP: 300, Speed 2.4):

*removed Barrage ability

*Now has 2 concussion missile launchers. Functions as a close range brawler that can swap its missiles for Diamond-Boron missiles that do significant AoE damage.

*Now has Turbo Boost ability to engage at close ranges quickly

Acclamator(I) Frigate (HP: 450, SP: 650, Speed 1.2):

*No longer spawns fighters

*No longer has attackable hardpoints

*Now has 2 bow mounted dual turbolaser turrets, 2 concussion missile launchers, and 2 quad-laser turrets that allow it to excel at close range and fairs well against fighters.

Victory Star Destroyer(HP: 1500, SP: 800, Speed 1.2):

*Now spawns 1 squadron of TIE Fighters and 1 Squadron of TIE Bombers

Interdictor Cruiser(HP: 1050, SP: 700, Speed 1.2):

*Removed Interdict ability from Multiplayer

*Now is a combat refit. It now has 2 forward mounted triple turbolaser turrets and 2 side mounted quad laser turrets that make it decent at mid to long ranges.

Star Destroyer(HP: 2800, SP: 1000, Speed 1.8):

*Now has 2 heavy dual cannon turbolaser batteries

*Now has Power to Weapons ability

*Tractor beam ability's range has been increase to mid range

*Now Spawns 2 squadrons of TIE Fighters and 1 Squadron of TIE Bombers

Star Destroyer II(HP: 2800, SP: 1000, Speed 1.8):

*Now has 2 heavy octuplet turbolaser batteries

*Now has Power to Weapons ability

*Tractor beam ability's range has been increase to mid range

*Now Spawns 2 Squadrons of TIE Interceptors, and 1 Squadron of TIE Bombers

Accuser Star Destroyer (Piett)(HP: 2800, SP: 1000, Speed 1.8):

*Now has 8 dual heavy turbolaser turrets instead of ion cannons making this hero exceptional at long range

Admonitor Star Destroyer (Thrawn)(HP: 2800, SP: 1000, Speed 1.8):

*Now spawns 3 squadrons of TIE Defenders instead of TIE Bombers and TIE Interceptors


Crusader Gunship(HP: 420, SP: 240, Speed 2.4):

*Reduced number of laser turrets

Interceptor IV Frigate(HP: 1050, SP: 550, Speed 2.4):

*Now fires Plasma shots instead of concussion missiles

Vengeance Frigate(HP: 1000, SP: 0, Speed 1.8):

*Now starts with Stealth ability without black market purchase making this the best ship for ambushes

Krayt Destroyer(HP: 3150, SP: 1100, Speed 1.8):

*Reduced damage of both Megaweapons

*Now has Weaken Enemy Ability

Kedalbe Battleship(HP: 4950, SP: 1000, Speed 1.2):

*Increased range of Shield Stealing ability

The Peacebringer(HP: 3150, SP: 1400, Speed 1.8):

*Now starts with Stealth ability without black market purchase

Version 1.1 changes:

-Fixed Rogue Squadron instakilling the Death Star II without any battle

-Fixed error with Luke's X-wing that would cause the game to crash upon the Rebellion reaching level 5.

Version 1.2 changes:

-Changed the firing pattern of the Mon Cal Cruiser to be inline with their dual turrets

-Swapped the Location of the heavy ion cannon batteries with turbolaser batteries on Star Destroyers

-Added the ISD-II, which has octuple heavy turbolaser turrets and is available at level 5 starbase in skirmish mode.

Version 1.2.1 changes:

-Fixed a typo in the ISD-2 Tooltip that said it had TIE Fighters instead of TIE Interceptors

-Removed the Multiplayer version of the Interdictor from Galactic Conquest

Version 1.3 changes:

-Removed Buzz Droids from Star Vipers

-Added Lure to Star Vipers

-Added Buzz Droids to Bossk

-Added Weaken Enemy to Krayt Dragon Destroyers

Version 1.3.3 changes:

-Added Concussion Missiles to Z95s to make them slightly more desirable

-Ran another pass of updating AI_COMBAT_POWER

-Fixed rate of turn on all ships

-Updated all Consortium upgrade tooltips to represent their new values

-Added Icons for the Redemption and the ISD-II

-Removed the ability of the AI to hack the Death Star (hopefully)

-Made it so the Crusader can now make opportunity shots with its guns

-reduced the shields of the MC30 by 100, in turn gave it Power to Engines

Version 1.3.4 changes:

-Made a pass on the Acclamator which had several oversights

*Its medium lasers and concussion missiles no longer have turbolaser penetration values

*added the missing Max Fire Rate to it's laser hardpoints (min 2s max 3s instead of min 2s max 2s)

*reduced the number of medium laser shots to 4 (down from 5)

*updated its combat power

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Ground Changes Incoming


Hey guys!

Just wanted to update. I've been working on ground forces for a few weeks now. While I have a great deal of work to do, it seems to be going smoothly now that I figured out how to add hardpoints to ground vehicles and have them work properly. To give an example: the AT-ST will have its light blaster cannon and grenade launcher in addition to its main weapons. I intend to give to Empire and Rebellion a more distinct feel in game play and eventually the Consortium as well. For now my work consists of inputting data and testing. For now I've managed to streamline the projectiles, armor, and penetration and currently am moving from there.

My current intentions are to have 4 separate files for you guys. 1 for only ground, 1 for only space, 1 for both space and ground, and 1 for just the regular Empire at War maps so people can opt to play the game in its original form without the Consortium, giving you guys the option to keep a portion of what you like and may not like.

It will be a couple months before I roll out ground changes.

Happy gaming folks!

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Balance of Power v1.3.5

Balance of Power v1.3.5

Full Version 10 comments

This zip file contains the XML and Text files of the mod. Please extract these folders with their files into ..\Star Wars Empire at War\corruption\Data...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 12)

I do not understand the Defiler restrictions. A 60 second build time is one thing, but only on Hypori, Wayland, Endor, and Nal Hutta? Why those specific planets? And why not Ryloth? It's the only planet you have at the Tutorial and the beginning of the Campaign.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

My suggestion is give the Venator to all factions and the Executor to the Empire.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Could you add executor-class dreadnoughts as a buildable unit and a eclipse-class as a hero? Thanks! Also, the rebels and consortium could have a Lucrehulk and the Consortium can have a stolen executor-class. In canon, pirates did steal one. Maybe the rebels could have a mandator? And a venator for the imperials? That's all my suggestions!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

when it comes to ground combat will you have unique units?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

If I may, please tone down the Acclimator damage. When it's defense and the empire is just throwing hundreds of that frigate at you it's nearly impossible to stop as they rip through fighters like they're a corvette and fend off any small-medium frigates with ease.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Kalain Creator

That I can do. I'll recheck some numbers on it

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Please, can you in next versions give to other factions something like Executor? Maybe for Rebels - Mandator ship and for Consortium - Lucrehalk ship.
In original game Empire is always overpowered with her fleet, Executor of Vader and Death Star. Its can be good to make balance more stabile.
Thanks anyway.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Please nerf consortium ground units and remove corrupt militia.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Were did the download go to. You had released it right?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Sorry but i do not agree in capital ships, lets take the typical:

MC80: Starwars.wikia.com

ISD 1 : Starwars.wikia.com

Calamari were originally designed as passenger ships refited to warfare.
ISD's were specifically designed as warships

mc80 has a complement of 36 starfighters, isd's has 72.

In my humble opinion capital rebel ships has no chance in one to one match. So imperial capital ships has ridiculously low stats.

Consortium, is a crime sindicate. idk maybe i'm wrong, but i doub that this organization, has shipyards credits and crews to have that kind of ships. Do you really think their ships are so overpowering?

Anyway, it's your mod. Thanks for the efford to make things different.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Kalain Creator

I am not entirely done with the mod. At some point I would like to take a more in-depth look at Consortium. For now my main priority was finishing up the Empire and Rebellion. One of the things I'd like to do with the Consortium is make them more underhanded with various things like nasty debuffs and I want to make the Crusader have a toggle on its missile ability (at the expense of something of course). But this will call for some thought. As for the ships, for the sake of rendering, I made ships have their fighter compliment in squadrons as opposed to number of fighters with the equation Fighter Compliment/12=Squadrons. The MC80 has 3 (2 A-wings + 1 Y-wing) [36/12=3], the ISD has 6 (4 Interceptors, 2 Bombers) [72/12=6]. The only start with Y-wing+A-wing and 2 Interceptors and 1 bomber and leave the rest in reserve. Rereading the MC80 Liberty I noticed it has Dual turrets and I will likely change the firing pattern of them to reflect that. The ships were not intended to be true to cannon like the fighters are. Mainly because it would require remodeling and skinning. An understandable misunderstanding that is a result of me not being specific in the details and I will update the intro accordingly.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Thx for your explanation.

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