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Grot tanks always seemed an intersting thing to add to my Veteran Mod and so i did! Lost Chapter focuses mostly on infantry and so the lack of squad leaders had to be fixed although they are still a work in progress. Enjoy 2 sample videos of Veteran Mod work in progress!

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Grot Tanks always seemed like a nice idea as an addition to ork armies. Although only recently implemented and still a work in progress, Grot Tanks will serve as a light recon vehicle you can deploy into the frontline fast, since it is recruited from the listening post building. Hope you enjoy this video.

Since the Lost Chapter race was built up from zero (in terms of coding not models) it still lacked squad leaders but that is done now! Since it is a race mostly focused on infantry all squads have their own leaders, usually set considering the type of units in the squad: Recruits have a standard bearer that adds them morale and fighting capability, Marines have a Sergeant as do Shield Bearers (has i haven't added some ucs lines in the video they appear as Assault Marines), Pures and Assault Pures have Champions and the Survivors fight beside the Blessed Standard Bearer (Chapter Master model from FoK). These leaders are a work in progress and still lack researches to improve their weapons and such (from swords to powerfists for example).

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