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Devblog #20: State of the game and our next marketing push.

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Hey everyone! This week's Devblog is going to be a general update on the state of Grimoire and our next planned marketing push. As some of you may know we had originally planned a large marketing blitz around a key update at the end of this month. We are still planning on doing this same push (with some extra features) but we were recently approved by Valve for a "Free Weekend" starting on April 23rd and so have decided to delay the marketing until then. We will of course continue to add content, fix bugs, and balance the game until then to get the best possible build of the game out for the Free Weekend.

The past few weeks we have been focused on adding more content to the game and replacing placeholder art. I am happy to say that the UI and HUD are coming along great and should be ready fairly soon. We also have some really exciting changes coming in the form of brand new spell effects with Fire being the first class to get the upgrade.

The newest conquest map, currently titled "Forest", is also coming along well and we have had some very valuable feedback and testing which has allowed me to refine the layout over the past week. You can expect to see this map added soon to the general map rotation and playtested extensively during our weekly Dev-hosted playtests as we finalize and balance the maps layout. I am very excited about the progress made so far and the new scenery is a refreshing change of pace from our "city" based environments.

A special thanks to our awesome community for their extremely positive support and extensive bug testing as well as patience while we get the game ready for a larger audience. As always we would love to hear from you so please feel free to post on our forums or shoot us an email!

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