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Transparency and general updates. Grimoire is a multiplayer wizard FPS.

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Hey everyone,
One thing that we have always highly valued as gamers is developer transparency. In the case of companies like Valve who have been consistently delivering amazing content for years it is much less important but for a small indie company like ourselves working on our first game we feel that it is extremely important to not just be very clear in what the current state of the game is but also in what we are currently working on. We recently posted a thread on our Steam forums which will be actively updated with what our main focus is on so that you know not just that we are actively developing the game but also exactly what you can see in updates.

Grimoire currently has a small but steadily growing community and for those of you interested in helping develop and shape a game this is the perfect opportunity to have your voice heard. If you have an idea for a spell, map, class -anything- please share your ideas through email or our Steam forums. For our part, we have plans for expanding the community and introducing a much larger audience to Grimoire: Manastorm. We have a large marketing push planned for the middle of next month to promote a major game update including a new UI, bots, new sound effects, and a new map. We are confident this update will make finding matches much easier during primetime and off-hours.

Until then you can see details of our current plans for dealing with the low population in last weeks Devblog but the quick version is: bots, three weekly dev playtests, and FFA mode. We'll have more exciting updates over the next few weeks but for now we are right in the middle of adding core features that are not quite ready to be shown off. Thanks again to everyone for the feedback, bug reports, and your patience.

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