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This version 4.0 adds more variations of tracks to Grid World events and increasing humanlike behaviour and courage of AI opponents. Tweaked drivers and main events. Economics priciples...

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Version 3.0 adds many variations of tracks to Grid World events and greatly increasing aggression and courage of AI opponents. Tweaked drivers offers (+25% to goal money, -15 to starting money).
Increase eBay of buy and sell costs diversity. Selling cost of cars directly without eBay decreased.

Life Career v3.0

v3.0 event changes
ARL Pro F3 event has increased number of competitions, add long Washington, short Detroit and San Fran tracks to event bag.
Many touring cars events have many city circuits added.

You need
You need game patched to version 1.3

Copy all files from the archive into the game directory. Make backup and overwrite the existing.Closer info
Check article about principles of life career mod.
- Racers have better reputation
- You now can drift at lower speeds
- 24 Hours le Mans modified, *see notes*
- Money reward for team standing increased
- Better/more realistic system of technical failures and braking mistakes of AI racers
- Cars are much more expensive, you have to use eBay for selling and buying. You have to chose events and cars wisely
- Team mates costs increased. You have to chose team mates wisely
- Almost all events consist of more races
- Money rewards for winning event increased
- Increased 1st, 2nd and 3rd money rewards in events
- Reputation levels for obtaining new licenses increased. You have to win aproximately 8-9 events to get enought reputation to progress
- Head 2 head races money rewards doubled
- Almost all races consist of more laps, expecialy endurance disciplines
- Sponzors money rewards halfed to avoid money rush on low level events
- Sponzors with target"No damage"modified"pays more. No damage +10%; no damage+place +20%
- All drift races are tougher, except Potenza downhill festival
- Driver offers money rewards for accomplishing targets doubled, in some cases tripled (last of every rokie DO targets)
- AI racers are more human-like, they do more mistakes under stress, use diferent racing lines and draft
- Wreckages stills on track longer in some situations
- Starting places changed, it is more randomly and more difficulty balanced
- Reputation reward system for assists (manual transmission, difficulties...) modified. You have to play only PRO MODE!
- Prestige class cars hangling increased, they are less spin-like and get new unique handling model
- Starting car changed
- Starting money need increased
- Buyable Porsche 911
- Added more cars to chose from in some events
- One of GT2 events in J-Speed Super Two has been changed to LMP2 event. It was too difficult with GT2 car + avoiding Japan license rush24 hours le Mans
- Every season is closed by race on town track instead of 24 hours on De La Sarte circuit
- Starting positions inverted ***removed since 1.00
- Model of track depends on players' car class
- Race time decreased
- It's only in career mode, 24 hours le Mans in RaceDay mode and driver offer wasn't changedKnown bugs
Michigan demolition derby event tracks displayed wrong names > No gameplay impact
During J-Speed Super Two LMP2 event AI cars can change textures > No gameplay impactRecommendations
Play on PRO MODE
At the begining race with Formula Jedi, get sponzors, then sell Jedi and buy Jupiter, get another sponzors, then sell Jupiter and get money for some multievent useable car rush for any of level 2 license. Hire teammate -> double sponzor money

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The game is very difficult with this version, it can take you at rage... You have to win a lot of races, then you can have your own team. Opponents are more computer like (Rubberbanding, aggressive, speed boost, clean line) and it's almost impossible to complete many of the bonus objectives even on medium difficulty. I don't know if the previously mod was so hard, but this is near insane in certain cases and races.

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Sami499 - - 3 comments

Please let me know if we can change the AI players name, also team names

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