Main purpose of this web is to storage and spread outpusts of my interests in the nature of computing technologies.

In the section"downloads"you can find modifications for the PC games. Their goals usually are to increase their gameplay time and make them more difficult to bring more entertainment for experienced users.

If you have any ideas, what one of my mod should contain or which acpect can be better done, let me know through contact system or contact me on my facebook profile.

At this time I am working on:
Supreme Commander - Forged Alliance
Mafia II
Empire Earth II - The art of Supremacy
Command & Conquer - Tiberium wars
Command & Conquer - Generals
Command & Conquer - Tiberian Sun
Command & Conquer - Red Alert 1
Fallout 2
Red Faction - Guerrilla
Far Cry 2
RaceDriver GRID
Company of Heroes

Some mods can hold little pieces of third sides mentioned in credits.

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Does the Life Career mod for GRID change the way Ravenwest driver behave like? I mean the original one's is too tough for other AI. I hope to see the driver's skills a little bit balance based on their reputation.

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Hey TichondriusCZ, I just saw your Red Faction Guerrilla Mod on the Moddb newsletter. My name is Andrew Knight, I run an independent film production company in Melbourne. We're currently developing a machinima animated series using RFG and have some mods we need attempted. I'd like to offer you some work if you're interested. You can get me at

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Hey, with the protracted rebellion mod, i have the mod manager and i launch the mod with it however it just stays on the loading screen doesn't go to the main menu, i have Red Faction for steam.

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- batteryAcidRapidFireArtillery
- BlackopsACUs
- BlackOpsBalance
- BlackOpsEXUnits
- BlackopsSupport
- BlackOpsUnleashed
- BrewLAN
- Cliff Hanger extreme
- Experimental Engineers
- ExpShield
- Firey Explosion Mod
- REL Nuke Mod 1.46
- scu_upgrader
- T3 Engineering Stations
- Tele-engineers
- TotalMayhem

Now by adding Your mods with tweaks i believe i gained a lot to the additional expierience, but i always wanted to have a more moderate version of Ttotal Veterancy, as the original was too buffed (with building gaining for example) and completely debalanced the game. However with the mentioned bugs, i believe a not only me but a lot of people will have difficulties ehrn trying to fully expierience Your mod.

Besides that, I think this mod is a job well done. Just dont stay in one place, keep working on the project to remove it's flaws! There are really a lot of people still playing this game, who will really appreciate Your hard work. I'm one of them :)


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Yo Tichondrius,

First thing - it's extremely ambitious and creative creating mods or modyfying them in order to bring out their true potential. Which in itself makes me want to give You a big hug for Your work :) It's something a gamer, such as myself, cannot do. However, what I can do is do a lot of testing in order to check what is working and what is not. And after an hour of playing and trying Your mod modules with my currently used mods i noticed few things.

When used alltogether, however without any other mods, they work just fine. Didn't do that much of an extensive testing, but i assume there are no bigger problems. Played the first mission (with mod enabling usingt other mods in campaign mode) and all was fine.
You probably know that people use at least few very good mods that are available in the internet, some of them even still being developed and here, just as Your mod (Total Mayhem and Brew Lan). Sooo, after a lot of try and error combining all my mods with Your, i noticed that even though You write that Your mod is fine with Black Ops, I found out that:
- 'Total Veterancy Default UI' - it screws the 'Global Icon support' completely (and it is needed by Black Ops to work). This makes all additional units/buildings from other mods seem in the selectable/buildable menu as blue spheres, losing their respective icons completely. Even Black Ops itself is affected by this. The problem is huge, as without the default UI, Total Veterancy doesnt work at all (well buildings regenerate, but that's it)
- 'Total veterancy: shield gaining exp when being hit' makes shields indestructible. Not sure which of my mods caused that though. If You are interested, my combination of quite a lot of mods that i assembled together and was able to play with them with almost error free expierience is below:

to be continued....

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