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The new Grid Force - Mask of the Goddess demo is available!

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Hey there!

You’ve read the title. (Hopefully).

You’ve seen the teasers. (Maybe).

You’re here to conquer the grid. (Who isn’t?)

So, we’re pleased to announce that the new demo for Grid Force - Mask of the Goddess is officially live on Steam.

Cover Image   Steam Page v 002

Dropping you into the very start of the game, the new demo will give you the chance to experience the story from the beginning, try out the heavily reworked tutorial -- or skip it entirely if you’re a Grid Force pro -- and blast from Clea’s Temple to Tohora with optional dialogue, secret encounters, and chances to upgrade your squad.

What to expect in the demo:

  • Graphical updates and asset overhauls.
  • Roaming feature implementation.
  • Reworked tutorial.
  • 2 stages | Clea’s Temple & Tohora
  • Improved upgrade system.
  • New UI.
  • Story opening.

With our previous demo being from October 2021, we’ve been working hard over the last 8+ months to crack on with development of the game, and with us being so close to getting the full release out there, we wanted to give everyone the chance to experience how far the game has come in that time.

Plus, the previous demo had a few… unsavoury bugs, shall we say, and we wanted to put our best foot forward with this new one.

Also, to coincide with this, we’re part of the Dreamhack Beyond Steam event!

asset 3b

Thanks to those at Dreamhack for letting us share a space with tons of brilliant games, and, if you’re here from that event, hello! Please consider wishlisting our game as it really helps us out.

And, if you’ve been on the fence about trying Grid Force, now is the best time to give it a crack.

Here’s that link again! (Don’t say I never do anything for you.)

So, jump in, let us know how the game feels, and most importantly of all, conquer the grid!

Take care,

  • Staples [Community Manager at Playtra Games]

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