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In this diary entry, we talk about the importance of quality assurance here at GRI, as well as some DLC related aspects and an upcoming project.

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Well, hello there, community! We thank you for the patience and dedication you showed so far. We have decided to start this Modder's Diary to keep you, our fans, informed of how things are done here at GRI.In this first entry to the diary, we will talk about the importance of quality. You see, quality assurance is very important to us. Thus, our QA department will function very much like a professional QA team would. In the following phases of development, we will organize a closed beta with volunteers. To insure the optimal functionality of this QA department, we will make use of various checklists, like the CRC example you can find in the downloads section.Why? Because we want to make sure that you, the community, receives the best possible product from us and is as satisfied with its quality. We want to make sure your gameplay experience will be as non-frustrating as possible. A non-frustrating, enjoyable gameplay experience is a bug-free experience. Thus, we will work closely with the community and provide support on a level as professional as possible with our current budget, which is $0. Why no budget? Well, we want to prove that to make a good mod/game all you need is dedication and love.Enough PR talk, let us return to the subject at hand, which is QA. How will our QA department work? Well, the closed beta will be volunteer based and there will be no limit to the number of volunteers that can join. Volunteers will however be asked to thoroughly test the submitted builds and follow all the indications in our checklists correctly. The quality of the final release will depend on the QA department, so we ask all those who will join to be serious.Our testers will test our mod whenever they have the time, for as long as they have the time, though some test cases will require several hours of continuous gameplay. Bugs will be reported on a special forum on the Warsong website, available only to members of the GRI team. Yes, the volunteers of the QA departments will become official members of GRI and their name will appear in the credits at the end of the mod.Bug entries in the special bug forum will have to be submitted in a special format. For example, information such as repeatability and steps to reproduce will have to be included, as well as, in some cases, screenshots or videos. The bugs will be carefully categorized in types such as crash bugs, formatting bugs, etc.We will, of course, offer support after the final release of the mod. Also, new content in the form of free DLC will be released after the final release of WS. Why? For various reasons. First, much of the DLC we will release for Warsong will be contest related. Meaning that your material can end up in the mod in the form of DLC. This way, we constantly keep in touch with the community.Second, we also want to test DLC functionality because of our next project, a currently undisclosed indie Sci-Fi open world action-RPG.As an ending, we would like to thank you all again for the support showed. Stay tuned for more updates from the GRI team. Have a nice day!

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