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Finally Grey Knight Terminators are being done :), this means that next alpha release will have a playable Daemonhunter Army, with most of its options including Purifiers. Updated 5/23/11, added Brotherhood Champions

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Finally Grey Knight Terminators are being done :), this means that next alpha release will have a playable Daemonhunter Army, with most of its options including Purifiers.

I wont be making Grey Knights just exactly as in their latest codex, as i think they were put way too over the top and cheesy as hell, so in Purgation of Kaurava they will be more like a mix of the old Daemonhunter codex and new GK one.

For Example the different nemesis weapons wont be as in the dex, swords and halberds will be treated more like in old version, ei increasing the wearer's strenght and have additional properties depending on the wielder's rank.

Nemesis Force Weapon (halberd and swords) rank extra bonus
Grey Knight --------------------------- none
Justicar-------------------------------- power weapon
Purifier -------------------------------- power weapon
Brotherhood Champion ------------- power weapon
Paladin -------------------------------- power weapon
Brother Captain --------------------- force weapon
Grand Master ------------------------ force weapon

Nemesis Force Falchions = same as swords but with increased attack speed
Nemesis Daemon Hammer = Thunder Hammer + GK rank bonus

Old dex True Grit rule will be a natural part of GKs profile stats, thus meaning a GK has higher attack speed than a normal SM.

GK Terminators and Paladins will be the same, each squad will be composed by a Brother Captain and 2 Paladins, with the option to reinforce with 7 more Paladins (Apothecaries maybe for HQ retinues). The Paladins are armed with a Storm Bolter and Nemesis Force Weapon with the usual upgrades of Incinerator and Psycannon, but will also include Psylencers restricted to 1 per squad and Daemon Hammers (not sure if in combo with storm shields). About their psychic powers, Paladins will only have the Holocaust, which is a large flame explosion with a nice radius :), the Brother Captain aside of the Holocaust will also have the Hammerhand which increases the squad melee damage for an amount of time.

GK Purifiers, well they will be a tad different than in the codex, think more like in full squad of Justicars with artificer armour and extra flamey stuff, they will be able to have up to 3 or 4 incinerators and any member without one may replace their Nemesis Force Sword for a Pair of Falchions or a Daemon Hammer. Additionally they will have the Holocaust psychic power.

Regular GK squads wont have psychic powers and come in the following 3 flavours

Strike Squads, your basic GK grunts led by a Justicar with upgrade options like incinerator and psycannon.

Interceptor Squads, will be able to teleport around the battlefield much like Eldar Warpspider

Purgation Squads, your GK devastators able to have up to 4 upgrades, psycannons, incinerators or psylencers

Justicars for these 3 squad types will be able to change their Nemesis Force Swords for Falchions or Daemon Hammers, get psybolt ammunition and artificer armour.

HQs you will be able to choose between Grand Masters, Brother Captains and Brotherhood Champions, Grand Master will have much more psychic power options thus filling the gap of "GK librarians" imo redundant all high ranked GK should be powerfull psykers.

Brotherhood Champions will be like a mix of an Emperor's Champion with a Chaplain, they will boost the melee capabilities of any squad they join as well a being very skilled fighters on their own, they will be the early tiers commander choice as the other two only come in terminator armour.

Nemesis Dreadknight, i hate it xD sorry it wont be in, not mentioning it would be a pain model and animate it.

GK Dreadnought, ah this one i love it, expect it to have ALL the options in the dex and maybe some extra stuff :P

Heavy Armour, well the usual land raiders, including the Redeemer variant with Flamestorm Incinerators :), no medium tank as Inquisitorial Chimeras and Razorbacks will have to fill the gap.

Thats all for now, here enjoy the WIP GK termies xD

Sorry the Following Vid wont be available in Germany, due to douchebag Copyright shit (Boy Sets Fire - High Wire Escape Artist) :/...the only new thing are SyncKills so dont despair! xD i will upload a new video once i finish the remaining synckills...and this time here on ModDB



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so where do i download the daemonhunter part because i have been itching to use them

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creating mods must be hard

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