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So, how to begin... I´m very pleased to see Your interest. Just read on :)

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The Staff
Actually it´s me and my brother (yes, we share one profile)
The Older-Seregruth.......models, textures, texturing, particles, coding, testing, writing, knowledge
The Younger-Enpremi......models, particles, icons, posting and creating pictures

Current Progress: Ideas....90%
Realization of the ideas.....5% (I´m encountering some real hardships in this section)
Done models.....ships - Uro-ik Val´h, Yorik-et, Kor Chokk, A-vek Liluunu
HPs - docking arms, heavy and light Yaret-Kor, Dread Weapon, Dovin Basal
In-game, coded.....Uro-ik Val´h Battleship
Technology.....Basal Shielding System - passive, more or less done
Basal Distrupt Shields - passive, done
Dread Wapon - passive or active, will need some time
Regeneration - passive, done
Consume Destroyed Allies - active, theory only (Kor Chokk, Warships)
Interdictor Field - passive, done
Grutchin - passive, will need some work

Questions: 1) Should the plasma fired from light Yaret-Kors ignore shields?
2) Should the plasma/magma fired from heavy Yaret-Kors ignore shields?
3) I think that explosions, smoke, metallic debris etc., considering the Yuuzhan Vong organic technology, shouldn´t be used... So what about bleeding? If yes, which colour? Any other ideas?
Please, write Your answers in the comments section,
thank You Seregruth and Enpremi

The_Rider_1 - - 406 comments

A question and an answer...
A: Light: damage sheilds Heavy: severly damage shields. An ability with dovin basals should take down sheilds with a slow recharge time. (Kedelbe)
Q: Will coralskippers be fighters and bombers?

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Enpremi Author
Enpremi - - 315 comments

Well, I´m not really sure that Coralskippers were designed to be bombers... But the heaveier version Slayer Ship could possibly take the advanced fighter/bomber role. Or I could concept a Yorik-"Bomber" model, who knows... The shields will be torn by an invisible projectile with short firing distance and slow recharge time (like 40secs) which does only shield damage. Thank for your answer

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Jeedai - - 368 comments

some very dark red or purple blood blobs should pour out of dying ships. Instead of having hardpoints break off the Vong ships, maybe the destroyed hardpoint could cave in, or wilt, or maybe even explode like an infected pimple-with lots of blood and such.

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websurfer234 - - 302 comments

Lol i always thought of the ships kinda like mushrooms for some reason, anyway back on to the answer I agree with Jeedai on the bleeding and destroyed hp's, I think though that the plasma should penetrate shields but as a balance have a much slower firing rate for the larger cannon which does decent damage, but a faster rate for the lighter cannon which does small amounts of damage like the concussion missiles in vanilla eaw...

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Enpremi Author
Enpremi - - 315 comments

I think that a plastic solid object, which actually magma or lava is, should penetrate shields. But I don´t see any reason why the GA has been so afraid of the Basal´s tear shields ability...

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vaders_Legion - - 129 comments

On my own vong mod, I set the plasma canons to act similar to the typical laser weaponry, but I made Flaming Rocks and other solid projectiles ignore shields. Consider this?

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