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I have decided to give the Rebellion and the Empire the ability to choose how to govern each world.

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In order to continually find ways to immerse oneself in the game I have now given the Rebellion and the Empire different options for worlds.

Each option allows for different building options.


empire pic

The Empire has the option to Occupy, Annex, or Oppress a planet.

Occupy: - A temporary Imperial occupation. The Empire does not disturb daily life and merely uses the world as a base or place to get resources.

Builds - Mining Facility, Shield Generator, Orbital Mining Facility, Magnapulse Cannon, Cantina, Hutt Palace, Imperial Outpost

Annex - a normal Imperial member world. The building options are balanced.

- Builds - Barracks, Light Factory, Imperial Palace, Inquisitorius, Officer Academy, Turbolasers, Shield Generator, AARC, Research Facility, Long Range Scanner

Oppress - a world ruled under martial law. Choose if desiring the ability to build military infrastructure.

Builds - Barracks, Heavy Factory, Advanced Factory, Hypervelocity Gun, Turbolasers, Shield Generator, Gravity Well Generator


rebel pic

The Rebellion has the option to Occupy, Ally, or Militarize a planet.

Occupy - a temporary Rebel occupation. The Rebellion does not bother daily life, merely using the planet as a small base and resource gathering outpost

Builds - Cantina, Hutt Palace, Shield Generator, Infiltrator Facility, Mining Facility, Turbolasers, Orbital Mining Facility.

Ally - The world has decided to join the Alliance in the fight. Their government is still their own however and the military presence is not strong.

Builds - Barracks, Ion Cannon, Shield Generator, Mining Facility, Light Factory, Bothan Listening Post

Militarize - this world is a military base and depot for the Alliance. Most of the troops will be recruited here, especially the heavy equipment.

Builds - Ion Cannon, Shield Generator, Turbolasers, Barracks, Heavy Factory, Officer Academy

The AOR system for some units and many vehicles is still in place.

I may in the future add options for the other factions, save the Black Sun due to their use of the Corruption system. For now however it will only apply to the Empire and Rebellion.



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good idea.

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Sounds great

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This concept is unique, balanced, and overall insanely awesome.

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Love how this mod is coming along (cant wait till there is a beta) but where is Vader? this is his order after all.

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DarthCaesar Author

He's still recruitable in the space tab at the proper station and tech level. I just hadn't done it yet in the picture. Also the mod is past the beta stage and tested I'm trying to put on the finishing touches.

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This mod looks very promising! Love mods with Lando and Leia.

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