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Another good news, bad news moment.................

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Hey all
I have good and bad news...
Ill start with the bad news. The mod is going into a hybernation of sorts. Due to a series of things happening, me moving, halo reach,and a few other personal things, im having to put this into hybernation for now. By this i mean ill still be working on it, but at a substantilly slower speed than normal.
As such, im looking for a few people who can help with the coding, so that i can focus on the major details and let the smaller things that involve a lot of copy and pasting, like balancing units, to someone else. This will make adding the factions go a lot quicker and possibly even faster than normal, assuming i can get back in the game fully.
So if u kmow how to code, and are experienced enough, then i need ur help...

As for the good news...
I am making a few changes to the way the satilites work. Ill be making them buildable like ships, but from the research station. Ill be removing the stationary build points. The Satswill be limited to 5 of each type. And they will be of three types. Ability, Anti-fighter/bomber and Anti-Capital. For example, the Stargate faction has the AG3 (anti-f/b), Ori Satilite (anti-capital) and Lantian Sensor (jams snesors and reveals a section of the map).
Both the Research Station and Sats wont be able to move once placed. The Sats will spin and fire, but they wont be able to move.
Also, theres something else...
Something id like to thank Theophilis for...
Models of the TOS columbis class battlestar and TOS viper (bother going into the BSG supergate)
and also...
A new faction....
Yep, not sure what ships will be where, ive only just got the models, they are, Farscape 1, Command Carrier, Lo'la, Moya, Nebari, Peacekeeper Marauder A,
Peacekeeper Marauder B, Peacekeeper Prowler, Peacekeeper Vigilante, Scarran Dreadnaught, Scarran Fighter, Sheyang fighter pod, Talyn, Zenetan Junk Trader, Zenetan Pirate Fighter...
I have no idea how to even start to set them up in the the tree, and since ive only just started to add B5, Halo and Wing Commander, i wont get to add Farscape for a while yet.

Special thanks to Meurig47 and Supernova from Farscape Homeworld mod. And Theophilis for converting the models for me. I have tried to contact them, and ask for permission, but i cannot contact them. So if u r watch this, link me 2 ur site and you will get the credit regardless.
There is still more to come, stuff i havn't told u yet, and stuff i wont be able 2 get to for months yet, unsless i get a few coders to help me lol
So if u want this mod done faster, lend me some of ur time and we can knock it over quickly


From Theophilis
"While I can convert models, I can not however make new ones. We are short three ships. The scarran stryker, the luxan penetrator, and the scarran decimator. So if anyone would like to try for them, I would appreciate it very much. "

From Spinobreaker
Forgot to mention, i might be making a modiifcation to the way skirmish works, ive mentioned how ill be changing the sats, but ill also be changing the starbases as well. Making them all level 5 at the begining, menaing u dont have 2 upgrade them any more. Instead, u build the research station, and u do the upgrades as u want, and itll then unlock the ships. So ull start off with a light fighter, a light bomber, a tier 2 and a tier 1 hero. As u get upgrades, youll unlock other ships.
How does this sound?

From Spinobreaker, work is progressing at a decent pace, and ive just signed the lease on a new place, so i may not be online for a few days after monday->wednesday, as ill be moving, but after that itll be full speed ahead, hopefully

Loganw1 - - 406 comments

It would be cool if different factions had different class options for satellites (e.g. Maybe Star Trek has a phaser sat that does ok vs. both capitals and fighters but not super-good against either, then a pure anti-capital photon torp sat that does well only on big ships, and a pulse sat that does really well on fighters but sucks against larger ships.) Harder to balance, but more fun and interesting.

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MattmanDude - - 4,220 comments

Cool. I love Farscape. Nice to hear it'll be joining the war!

I haven't really been paying much attention to this mod but now that I see how many factions are available and such... I can't wait. :) Looking forward to a release.

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Sanguinius - - 5,719 comments

well i told you to put Farscape like 5 months ago >.> but im glad you finally gonna do it :P

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first299 - - 437 comments

love what you have done so far

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i418c - - 28 comments

Jesus man! How many factions is the final version gonna have?! lol Good work. Sorry to see that you hibernating, but Reach is probably well worth it. :D

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker - - 5,875 comments

ive already finished my first invasion map in it, my xbox account is the same as here, so look it up its in my fileshare

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A_Drunk_Orangutan - - 212 comments

i think your skirmish idea is the way to go. it seems much more streamlined making a much faster and more intense skirmish game

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