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Gondor scenes are mostly complete. Next I do Isengard, Mordor castles, Elves, Orcs and Dwarf scenes. Rhun and Harad keep the original Sarranids / Khanat Khergit ones.

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Gondor scenes where really time consuming and Warband has sometimes problems with such big maps. I hope there are not going to be problems.

Minas Tirith (Town):

20180716193518 1

20180920160953 1

West & East Osgiliath (Castles):

20180920115506 1

20180920115617 1

yellow surfaces are accessible:

20180920145545 1

Cair Andros (Castle):

20180917204252 1

Dol Amroth (Town):

20180919163442 1

Linhir (Town):


Balrog_of_Morgoth - - 1,166 comments

It looks awesome man! Keep it up I started to track your mod after looking into your gallery.

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Dain_Ironfoot_II - - 439 comments

Amazing scenes! Well done, they look fresh and super on point!

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MrDS - - 228 comments

excuse me, I need to go clean up the bits of gray matter scattered around the room after seeing the beauty of Osgiliath and the rest of these amazing scenes.

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iporto9393 - - 46 comments

The scenes are nice. However, there is 100 scenes of these locations already as Open Sources Assets, you could just ask to other modders as well. Bannerlord is going to release soon and truth be told we don't got a single LOTR sandbox, only a dozen of these half-assed "alphas".
If one would just gather stuff already done by the millions, stitch them together, polish it... But no: taking an impossible task apparently makes more sense.
Another thing, why would you release an "alpha" if you don't get not eve 30% of the stuff made already?

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EasterIing Author
EasterIing - - 122 comments

I wouldn't say impossible. I'm nearly ready for full release, maybe a few months to go. And keep in mind: primary I do this becaus I have fun and I enjoy modding. Not for quick releas with more or less good stuff.
Alpha was just long time ago when I took a break, to share some stuff and give first impressions.

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EasterIing Author
EasterIing - - 122 comments

ah and be honest, bannerlord will get never released xD

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dunadan101 - - 85 comments

"Bannerlord is going to release soon..."
That gave me a laugh, now I'm gonna crawl into my bed and weep.

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0Nocturnal0 - - 31 comments

I saw the pictures, i thought its a total war games so i double checked, looks amazing, keep up the good work.

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Ettenrocal - - 901 comments

The scenes are great, but maybe too bigs for somes ? It will impact performance on lower computers. I believe you, you must have pass so much time on this !

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Synn_ofthe_DarkCloud - - 1,031 comments

nice maps

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Rambo987 - - 478 comments

These are perfect in my opinion.

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Iscarus - - 5 comments

It looks really great man!

I think it's a smart move to keep the khergit and sarranid scenes. I like the idea!

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laikosom - - 11 comments

looks outstanding! I just hope mod will have a lot of cool features!!

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naryanrobinson - - 643 comments

I think you misspelled the name of the mod on the home page banner.

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Guest - - 695,049 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

vojta20201 - - 39 comments

supper hrad hudne mega to se tam muze :D

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