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XDM update is expected to be released soon. Sooner than never, at least. And this time I'm planning on uploading something more than just a game and code...

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XDM update is expected to be released soon. Sooner than never, at least. And this time I'm planning on uploading something more than just a game and code...

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It's no secret I've been FOSS supporter and propagator for a long time. I've been releasing various projects under different aliases, mostly open-source. I never really cared about licensing, until a few years ago when GitHub started absorbing projects from all around the world and began luring developers into its greedy jaws. Following recent trends and news, I'm very concerned about not only unfair treatment and loss of control, but also the AI. Publicly available code was recently turned into ML model fodder to MS Copilot and, possibly, Amazon Codewhisperer. This is a very serious matter and it proved me being absolutely right about not trusting GitHub for hosting my code. Remember, if you're not paying with money, you're paying with yourself. Anyway, the code will be available as it was before. ) Yeah, exactly as it was before. :)

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But today I'm talking not about the code, but about the maps. I've been very eager for releasing map sources (RMF) for quite some time, and have been busy tidying things up and finding as much sources as possible. But... there's that thing: licensing. Aside from my ongoing dispute with XF-Alien, I have no restrictions over posting of my own map sources online. But I need to decide on what terms. Since maps are possibly closer to artwork that to source code, I don't know if GPL3 will fit. There are other opensource, copyleft, freeware, beerware, wtf licenses, like, for example, Creative Commons NC-SA but I'm not sure what is acceptable for a map.. to a mod... to a game. I guess I can say "screw everything" and use GPL, but I'd better hear out more opinions. Here's where you are welcome to contribute. Please post suggestions here in comments, in PM or write to

Thank you, and have a very safe aaaandOJzJwFO3IE!~~ NO CARRIER

MoleMad - - 16 comments

Gamebanana uses Creative Commons licenses for maps, so that's the more appropriate license I think. Personally I would use CC BY-SA since it's the closest to GPL.

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~X~ Author
~X~ - - 555 comments

I've started reading their site. Seems to me they have some strange, if not shady, initiatives as organisaiton. hmm...

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~X~ Author
~X~ - - 555 comments

I'm not sure how does CC protect against ML, if at all.

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XF-Alien - - 267 comments

Of course, you can upload sources of AI from your XDM's coop campaign. It's not a problem =)

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~X~ Author
~X~ - - 555 comments

Yaaaaaay! *hide-the-pain-harold-cheers.png*

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Ghoul-bb - - 70 comments

I am absolutelly sure that these map sources WILL help to someone how to make REALLY good maps.
I give my vote for 100% opensource!
The art MUST belong to the every human being, not only to the greedy corporations, who have only one goal - to enslave all of us.

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