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I have reworked some abilities of the Japanese Last Stand and Fortress commanders. In the article you find the preview of the changelog.

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I was quite unsatisfied with some abilities of the Fortress and Last Stand support command, namely the Zeal and Medical Supplies, that were quite useless abilities. I decided to replace them with better abilities:

Last stand:

  • ELITE ASSAULT FORCE: You can call in Elite Assault infantry. These men are equipped with Type 97 LMG's and rifles with incendiary grenades. They have a lot of health and run faster than normal soldiers. They call in 200mm artillery shots every 60 seconds on enemies within 50m of range. The first time this ability is used, the Elite squad is accompanied by a Chi-Ri heavy tank prototype (which is unreplaceble after it is destroyed). This tank has a powerful 88mm gun and a humongous range of 250m.


  • TYPE 98 HEAVY MORTAR: This mortar has the farthest range of all mortars in the game, surpassing even the German 150mm sGrW42 and the 107mm M2 USA heavy mortars, but it cannot fire closer than 50m. It can heavily damage all kinds of vehicles and entrenched infantry.

Demo video:

Gameplay of Japanese vs USA with the new Last Stand support. The AI USA player chose the infantry support command, so you have also the change to see the new M10 for this support command in action. Go directly to youtube for the 1080p version of the video.


Hi, do I have to have GW 1 installed first to play?

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BlackCaesar Author

No, it is standalone

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