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A first level of Toprunners was playable at the Montreal Joue 2017 Festival.

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February 25, 2017, the video game company founded by Martin Desrosiers presented its first title, Toprunners, at the Jeux indie de Montréal, the opening event of the Montréal Joue 2017 Festival. The development team had a booth among the games selected by the Guilde des développeurs de jeux vidéo du Québec. The public, invited to this event which was held in the premises of the Society for Arts and Technology, was able to try a first level Toprunners.

Available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone next July, Toprunners is a video game based on the concept of Speedrun. The Speedrun is a sport competition where players must complete video games as quickly as possible. Toprunners can host Speedrun tournaments online and regroup the 70 million players passionate about this sport. To recreate the pleasure experienced by professionals Speedrunners, Toprunners contains entirely original functionalities.

The players will run through and create levels intentionally composed of Glitches (bugs) to gain speed. Very popular in this discipline, the Tool Assisted Speedrun (TAS) allows you to play one frame at a time to get a perfect score. In addition to sharing their levels, players will compete online to become the fastest in their favorite categories: Any% No damage, no glitch, etc.

Beyond the economic benefits of the project via advertising and in-app purchases, the project is driven by the benefits of these sports video games for the whole society. “Competitive video games go further than entertainment. They allow players to shine and feel valued in their community. Just as traditional sports, they bring confidence, perseverance and accomplishments to foster the wellbeing of players. ” said Martin Desrosiers.

Funded by the Young Volunteers program of Emploi-Québec, Martin Desrosiers launched in July a startup whose mission is to produce Esports video games for the general public. The company now consists of a team of 13 collaborators.

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