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Asterion Games publisher is happy to announce the release of a care simulator where you look after your ignorant and naughty but a very special little dog. Simply put, it's about the master's struggle against the dog poo scattered around the house.

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If you love playing dirty tricks on your friends or prefer shoveling the crap, George VS Bonny PP Wars game is made for you! In PooPee Wars you can be both without feeling remorse. This is a multiplayer arcade for two where you can play as the master or the dog. Choose a role of a promoter of purity or a clever bastard. The two characters have different gameplay. One bounces around the house and furniture, laying steamy heaps of poo, the other chases the dog with a mop. The choice is up to you, and the clock is ticking! The one that does their job faster, wins.


  • Multiplayer for two
  • Unique rating: score turds or mobs
  • Incredible fun (guaranteed)
  • No blood or murder. Absolutely.

You can always take your laptop to the bathroom with you, and reply honestly when they ask you, "What were you doing there for two hours straight?"

This is probably the most hilarious game of the year involving turds (but that's not certain)

The game will be available for PC on Steam

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