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Greetings GenX fans! time for another mini update!! :D I'm sorry to say there are no new renders to show yet... However AnNo1935 from CnC Saga decided to give me an interview about the mod

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Greetings GenX fans! time for another mini update!! Cheesy

I'm sorry to say there are no new renders to show yet...

crowd:"dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww D:"

However AnNo1935 from CnC Saga decided to give me an interview about the mod which you can find here.

For the benefit of our non German speaking fans, here is the English translation:

The Generation X mod for Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour is one of the most popular modifications. Whether completely new generals, or even new things for the old generals Generation X adds just about everything you could wish for. We had the opportunity to conduct an interview with them. Some community questions were also answered. In this mod, technical aspects as well as buildings and units are changed.

We had an interview with Zach and now look forward to show you this!

Hey, please tell us something about yourself

- My real name is Zach, I am 21 years old, and I'm currently 3rd year college majoring in Industrial Design.

Please tell us something about your Mods (Show some links etc)

- Generation X is a mod for CnC Generals Zero Hour. It adds 3 new generals for each side called the "X" General, and it also adds new units and upgrades to the existing generals. You can get more info here

What makes your Mod so special? What is the difference to other Mods?

- Well I'd say GenX is a more casual and player friendly mod. It is a lot less micro intensive, we try to lessen the baby sitting required so that the player can focus on the actual game.

How long will it take until it’s released?

- it'll be done, when it's done, no sooner no later

Will the AI be able to handle this Mod? Will there be any problems?

- The AI for the existing generals work fine and will be ready for the first release. The new generals however, might not get AI until the 2nd beta.

Do you have any future plans for your Mods or your real life? What’s about to be next?

- Well I have other mod ideas I would like to try after GenX is done.

How important is the community for you?

- Well I consider GenX as my own personal project, but despite that community input is still very important.

What do you think about the situation now after the release of CnC4?

- CnC 4 ain't' that bad, they were experimenting with something new same with Generals.

How easy it is to Mod CnC4 in contrast to other games? Easier or more difficult?

- I don't think CnC 4 can be modded, yet.

What do you think about the support of EA and the community?

- Meh, it's ok. EA always tries hard to please the fans although they don't always succeed Tongue

Are there any problems with the Mod or within your team? Or is all working out perfectly?

- There have been some big arguments that ultimately led to some members leaving, but I feel it's better that way. On a slightly related note, do check out the European Conflict mod IT'S 'AWESOME'!!

What is your next project / the project you’re working on at the moment?

- I am co-leading the revival of another mod called ZH Reborn, you can find more info here and here I'm also co-leader of CnC Untitled as well as a member to a lot of other mods.

How did you get the idea to make this mod? How did it all start?

- Well I pretty much got bored shortly after finishing the ZH campaign and generals challenge. Then my friend lent me his copy of ZH Reborn V5, which got me into ZH again. Eventually I found Shockwave 0.92, which inspired me to make my own mod. And the rest is history.

Is there anything you want to tell the community?

- Stay in school, don't do drugs, and remember uniqueness is overrated!

What are your next steps?

- Probably a working navy, and optimized AI

Will there be additional maps?

- Yes GenX will have some new maps as well as new versions of old maps.

Where is the difference between the normal factions and the ones of your Mod? What is so special about them?

- They have more new units and have a better focus on their specialty, but at the same time they will also more alternative strategies to use. For example Airf gen will have tanks.

Well thanks for reading, see ya next time Smiley


Good to know that its still alive and not dead!

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Yeah,cause i really really like this mod so far.

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for a moment there i thought they were dead

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you guys seriously need to stop assuming its dead just because there havent been much updates lately... im pretty sure Zeke will be tired of seeing this **** of ... "ah the mod is dead".. NOOOO the mod is DEAD !! or "give us an update" " release the mod NAOOOO" "when is the mod going to be released?? (ask him this question he loves answering this question :P) because eventually you guys might just make him press the ultimate button of "private mod" and no one gets to play it.. especially me lol :P

ah my selfish speech at its best :P lol

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Zeke_Dlyoung Author


well done my good man :p

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no problem :D
just trying to fulfill my selfish needs :P

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