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This patch fixes errors in version 3.0 and some imbalances

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Generals Zero Hour Continue 3.01 Patch Modification Instructions

[Copy all files to the continueV3.0,Replace files with the same name]

1.All Side PatriotMissile Truck:No longer have detection and AssistedTargeting
2.All Side Recovery Ohio submarine
3.Fixed the texture missing for Repair Hummer RUBBLE
4.Laser Mobile Patriots now need cost 1 energy and suffer affected by low power
5.Fixed a bug that advanced energy trucks had no faction color(Laser General)
6.Cruise missile health increased from 300 to 500(Landforce General)
7.SEALs can no longer be Stealth(Landforce General)
8.Campaign 15 Enemy Rapid Attack Force trigger conditions extended by 50 seconds

1. Air Cruiser cannon is interceptable with Laser Defen System,Artillery damage type changed from EXPLOSION to JET_MISSILES
2. Fixed When you purchase mass production upgrade and mine upgrade as Infantry General, Hero tank won't be accessible on War Factory(For infa Gen)
3.All Side Recovery Han class submarine
4.Siege Sodlier and Siege Site Sodlier Attack preparation time reduced from 2.9 seconds to 1.9 seconds
5.Fixed missing nuclear carpet bomb models(For Nuke Gen)
6.The cost of the War God tank is changed from 900 to 850. The machine gun is no longer obtained in the initial state, and it needs to be upgraded with autoloads to obtain it.
The autoloads upgrade and the time spent are modified to 3000/65s(Tank Gen)
7.95 air defense system elite training canceled, It training time increased from 6 seconds to 8 seconds(Tank Gen)
8.Restored Flame Missile Dreadnoughts for Flame Generals

1.Fixed an issue where campaign 5 and campaign 6 movies were reversed
2.All Side Recovery DemoBoat
3.GLA Propaganda Station Replaces Ancient Cannons, Nearby Vehicles Get Better Repairs(For Junk Slav Gen)

 1 3
4.Fixed a bug where Baikonur missiles on the naval battle map did not require general Science(For Junk Slav Gen)
5.Zero now leave wreckage on impact
6. Wheel Assault gun damage type changed from EXPLOSION to ARMOR_PIERCING

1.Now the drop station will only drop the main battle tanks of the faction
2.Replaced some bad voices
3.SMALL_ARMS damage to Dozers has been reduced from 25% to 20%

by:taofaikwai June 27, 2022
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