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Generals continue v2.01 patch. [Copy all files (including data) to the continueV2.0beta, Replace files with the same name.]

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1. Fixed AI on Commander in chief not work

2. Fixed start winning for any SkirmishMaps

3. It seems to support Gentool

4. No longer show production line BUFF for Flame Generals Warfactory

5. Fixed an issue where Landforce Generals did not have a nuclear missile shortcut

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6. MinCameraHeight 100 to 50

7. Navy:USA Missouri battleship
PrimaryDamage 60 to 50,GLA ArmorKiller AttackRange 175 to 200

8. Bug fix for iontank track movement

9. The Tank Generals Challenge No longer used earlier Kirovs

10. GrandCannon Power Required: 6 to 5

11. WheelAssaultgun attack mode bugfix

12. Modification of laser Paladin model

13. Avenger now targetdesignator turret can no longer rotate

14. The Zero fighter has an Air Guard button

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15. DaisyCutter bomb Throw Display Error Fix

16. TroopCrawler(Tank Generals and Flame Generals):Infantry inside can use fire-ports to engage the enemy,But increased cost and training time

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17. GLA Prison: Small air strikes changed to air drop Masked man

02 2

18. Now the Blackhawk helicopters cannot be loaded with vehicles.

19. Fixed an issue where TunnelDefender could not attack for a short time after launching a high-explosive rocket


I want to download this game please

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Nice work man.

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