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An article regarding the latest changes made on the mod and a summary of the Multiplayer's situation.

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Disclaimer: these information may turn outdated (it depends on it's released date); Plus this is not a specific article on the subject, just a global notice in order to prevent everyone.

As most of you may know Star Wars Battlefront 2 was updated on both Steam and GoG platforms. The update was large; 3.2 GB of files.

What does the patch change?

  • Multiplayer is back with dedicated servers
  • It adds a few more buttons to the interface
  • It removes the old GameSpy logo, and rename everything related.

Here is a full change-log by Aslan on Steam: click

So yeah after Empire at War a few weeks ago Disney decided to release a similar patch to swbf 2, the idea is pretty nice indeed. Unfortunately this patch has been developed without the modding community 's advices and it breaks Zerted's unofficial 1.3 patch - a patch needed to run most of the mods - If you reinstall the 1.3 patch you'll be able to play mods again but the mp will remain broken.

Can we have both?

The answer is YES! Thanks to Spiret you can now have both Zerted's patch and multiplayer working on your Steam or GoG copy. (Not CD one!)

Here is the download link:

It might gest an update later.

Have fun!

Battlefront Ultimate Commander news

Now for the mod itself;

Let's start with something distracting, a small video about allumette 's work. You can see below some new visual effects such as the torpedoes and engines ones:

Next i worked on some space stuff too, mainly for the Imperial Civil War era and The Clone Wars one:

Updated Imperial TIE FighterUpdated Imperial TIE Bomber20171003191111 1 *New TIE Fighter, TIE Bomber and TIE Interceptor model, from Free Radical's cancelled Swbf III.

20171003193527 1 *CIS Hyena Bomber

Clone Z 95 Starfighter 3Clone Z 95 Starfighter 2

And lastly, one of the most beautiful screenshot i ever made:

Clone Z 95 Starfighter 1 *Clone Z-95 Headhunter

BTL B Y WingBTL B Y Wing 4 *Republic BTL-B Y-Wing

Allumette's work on engine particle effects:

Updated engine particle effects

Note: the frigates might be updated with new model, and these starfighters support 1st person view.

For those who didn't see the new A-wing model and particle effect it's right here:

Each type of fighters now support laser shield, in consequence they have less health point.

20171003203257 1

Thanks for reading,

- Battlefront Ultimate Commander Team

Edna1 - - 1,627 comments

i Love you!

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CT-5129 - - 294 comments


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Ikanite - - 506 comments

The models all look so good! I love the Clone Wars ships!

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Nomad_Lucas - - 105 comments


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SergeantDogma - - 112 comments

Wow the last z-95 shot is amazing

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Negtharayas16 - - 360 comments

Excellent work!

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xXangelos8Xx - - 79 comments

I dont care about multiplayer. Get GameRanger to play SWBF2 multiplayer.

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kingrexy - - 128 comments

Awesome work! Progress is going pretty damn awesome well!! They look awesome and canon accurate! That's what you're going for, right?
Btw, I have a few suggestions and preferances that maybe you might like and agree with. Firstly I hate the vanilla stormtrooper and clonetrooper models. If you could update them to make the breather tubes look bigger like in the movies and the TV shows, than that'd be awesome. I'm really happy to hear that the starfighters will have HUDS!! But what about the zoom in huds of the infantry, and maybe even ground vehicles? And finally the frigates. They look really ugly in both textures and models and look sometimes nothing like the way they do in the movies. Especially the banking clans comm ship. The aldura campaign mod has some pretty nice models.
Lastly, do you have a list of all the vehicles in the mod.

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UltraDab - - 33 comments

When's this going to be released?

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