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A quick summary of general changes that will effect gameplay in Release 5 & Scrin & GDI General changes (mostly no balance changes).

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  • Removed Tiberium spawned from destroyed Harvesters and Refineries. The main purpose of these little deposits is to disrupt the flow of income from your harvesters, that get distracted by these insignificant tiberium deposits. This ends up slowing your economy down, so I have finally got rid of it!
  • Tiberium growth rate between stages has been increased to 25% ( was 13% ).
  • Unit crates will now only spawn units from past Tiberian History games. I had neglected the crates during the build up to release 4, mainly because I had lost interest in them, I never play with the crates enabled. I have now decided to renew my interest by adding some units that I had cut from previous history releases.
  • Not mentioned during the release 4 notes: the nuke explosion crate was removed in release 4. The crate showed up far to often. Until I can find a way to decrease the probability of the nuke crate spawning, it will remain cut from the mod.
  • Most GDI and Nod infantry can no longer detect stealth. Basic rifle infantry retain their short range detection. Special units that had detection ( snipers & Zone troopers etc ) will hold onto their detection abilities.
  • GDI & Nod harvesters can no longer be crushed by Mammoth class vehicles.
  • New music mix includes my favourites from both Tiberian Dawn and Tiberian Sun, also a similar style action music mix to the release 3 version is now included.
  • Testing out a few replaced EVA sounds.


  • Scrin Destroyer now uses the Hexapod projectile and firing FX. Makes more sense and distinguishes it from the Devastators weapon.
  • Stasis Chambers no longer spawn Shock troopers when sold.
  • New support power: Temporal Wormhole. From Kane's Wrath:
Temporal Wormhole


  • Repair Bay now uses house colour!
  • Redid Hummers night lights.
  • New model for the Hover MLRS ( from Tiberian Aftermath ):
New Hover MRLS!

  • Barracks now has night lights + the Flag pole has a base.
  • Disruptor now has night lights!
  • All the C&C3 base defences have been replaced by historical versions!
  • C&C3 Harvester replaced.
  • The Orca Sensor upgrade is now purchased at the Airfield instead of the tech center. No more room in the tech center!
  • Orca bombing run support power has been remade.
  • Fixed an issue found by soft_haxorz that meant that Zone troopers did not regenerate health when standing idle, despite having the combined upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue that meant that Composite upgraded Missile squads would have a glitchy death if killed by the Chemical Warrior's weapon.
  • Fixed an issue that meant that the rear Medium tank wheels did not turn!
  • AI controlled Titans can no longer target aerial units with their heroic Shock grenade ability!
  • There is now a greater chance that an AI controlled Titan will fire all the shots of its heroic Shock grenade ability.
  • Changed the way that the Mammoth tank targets its Shockwave grenades. It is now much more likely to fire a full burst of 4.
  • Changed the warhead on the ( never mentioned ) heroic Orca bombers 'full payload' bombing run to a Sonic warhead. This is so it uses less particles! Damage remains the same.
  • Silo now uses House colour!


Blue = My comments

Nod general changes will follow at a later date.


Hopefully the next version will be well balanced. The Missile Squads and especially Militant Rocket Squads seemed extremely powerful on the previous version.

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Madin Author

The missile class squads being extremely cost effective is a C&C3 thing, and not really mod specific, for example there are no stat changes at all to the Missile squads in this mod.

The Nod Rocket squads have the Kane's Wrath improvements, but the good news is that they will no longer get the blue tiberium upgrade.

Also both GDI and Nod have anti-infantry defences in this version that are better against Missile type squads.

Balance list will come at a later date.

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