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A quick summary of general changes that will effect gameplay in Release 4

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General Changes

  • All Tier 1.5 (Infantry tech centre) & Tier 2 structures no longer give build radius. Trimming the number of base crawl buildings for probably the last time.
  • All Refinery & War Factory's build radius increased from 250 -> 280. We are not trying to stifle expansion, nor make it difficult to place defensive structures near refineries. For those who used Refineries & War factories to base-crawl, things have just got much better!
  • Increased all mini outposts build radius by approx. 25%. This is mainly to assist the AI, so the trimming of buildings which give build radius does not unduly effect them.
  • Tiberium 'Growth between stages' reduced by approx. 13%, this means that Tiberium will reach its final growth stage quicker.
  • Swapped Tiberian Dawn tunes, with Tiberian Sun tunes. Also checking to see how the matches play without the tunes being interrupted every time there is a battle.


  • The Zone Troopers 2 upgrades: Scanner packs & Auto injectors, have been unified into a single upgrade. The cost and build time have been combined as well.
  • The RIG has been removed from the War factory.
  • New reinforcement power: Call support Rig. Call in a Rig to any location in the map. This support power, which is available as soon as a War factory is placed, cost $2000. This is to clear a space in the War factory build queue. I theorised that I would probably use the Rig more if it was a support power rather than a unit, and I do. The AI will use it has well! (it will send it out and then deploy it, it's a start!).
  • Silo replaced. No more Silo sell exploit!
  • GDI Commando replaced.
  • Barracks replaced.


  • Nod Commando can now place C4 on vehicles. She is still nearly useless! Using the stealth Chinook is the key.
  • Nod Raider Buggy replaced.
  • Call for Infantry transport ability replaced.
  • Harvester replaced.
  • Scorpion Tank replaced.


  • New support power: Ichor seed. Apparently the Scrin were not content with their late game economic advantage, and wanted a mid game boost as well!
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So, when is Release 4 scheduled for release?

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Madin Author
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I'm currently testing it.
I'd say in a couple of weeks, if they are no major issues.

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