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The GDI Naval Fleet - new designs and revisions revealed.

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It's been a while since the last update, but I did mention some sneak peaks of the GDI Navy would be on the way and they sure are. If you check the images section I've uploaded an image featuring the 3 GDI Naval Vessels in Tiberian Odyssey. They include:

Pallas Patrol Boat - Seen in the upper right region of the screen, the Pallas is the basic Patrol and escort ship for GDI. Take one or two of these with you whenever you set sail amongst the Tiberium infested waters. The Pallas is armed with multiple heat seeking missiles that can be fired over a reasonable distance and are useful for taking out threats to the larger more valuable vessels.

Trident Cruiser - Seen in the top left and middle left region of the screen. The Trident Cruiser packs a powerful punch with the kind of firepower you would expect from the hard hitting GDI. Utilizing firestorm plasma weaponary, the Trident can fire two heavy firestorm rounds over a massive distance which can cause serious damage to anything unfortunate enough to get in it's way. The power behind this weapon however makes short range combat very difficult, thus leaving the Trident vulnerable to smaller units should it be left unescorted.

Poseidon Battleship - Seen at the bottom and bottom right of the screen. The Poseidon is the most expensive and destructive Naval Unit in GDI's arsenal. This large ship is armed with a very powerful vertical ballistic missile launcher which is capable of reducing it's targets to debris very quickly. Whilst incredibly powerful and very heavily armoured, the Poseidon has the drawbacks of being slow and having a very long reload time before it's next ballistic missile, as well as being unable to target anything close to it. This allows enemies to counter the Poseidon effectively the same as dealing with the Trident Cruiser. Be sure to use Pallas Escort ships when using these!


AWesome! Poseidon FTW!

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