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Hello, and welcome back to another blog post that I'm doing.

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Hello, and welcome back to another blog post that I'm doing.

Currently I'm trying to figure out what I want to do for level 6. Like I've stated, I wanted to do a warehouse type setting; and by doing that, comes with some complications. I first planned it as a two story building. Then I changed my mind and just going to have it one story. There will be some areas where you will need a "ladder" to access. Figuring out how to do that process now.

Then there is the "how big I want this to be" question. It will be the size of level 3. Don't know just yet the length. In this level, it won't feel so "big" like level 3 is.

The other complications is the items you need to escape. I already have the idea on how the player will exit; it's just the other items that needs some more thinking. In this level, you may be opening a lot of crates to see different items and such.

If you don't know, this will be the last official level. I think that I will create a terrain and have a gate to show you that this is indeed the end of the game. After this, I will create the main menu, which will be in the beta version. The final version will come with a little fixing. Especially with the texture stretching in some parts.

I just wanted to give you guys a update on what I've been doing this past week. Be on the lookout for the next alpha, and I will keep you in touch with developments of the game!

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