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The new scout hero for the Dwarves of the Iron Hills.

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Hello everyone, today we will be looking at a new dwarven hero for the Iron Hills. Please note that some things might chance once we reach beta.

In the current version of Edain the Iron hills is the only faction that does not have a scout hero and we felt that their early game really suffers from that, so we have created our own unique hero for the faction. Gamil is an all new scout hero for the Iron Hills Dwarves.


Gamil alongside the Iron Hills Dwarves

Unlike other Edain heroes, Gamil does not gain new abilities by simply levelling up. Instead he can purchase new abilities for a reasonable price. However, when Gamil reaches level 10 by simply gaining experience in battle all abilities will be automatically unlocked. Thus the player has the choice to invest in a scout hero with full capabilities, or instead invest in more units to support their hero and let him get the abilities unlocked for free.

Also please note that the required upgrades mentioned don’t actually give Gamil said upgrade. For example, if it says “Requires Forged Blades upgrade” that doesn’t that once Gamil has purchased this upgrade he will gain also gain the Forged Blades bonus, it will just unlock the ability mentioned.


  • Level 1 Fresh Recruit: Gamil is a fresh face in the army, and takes experience from each battle he fights.

He gains 1% discount towards his upgrades every time he defeats an enemy. After defeating 50 enemy units, this discount increases to 2%. So after defeating 75 enemies, the upgrade will be free. When all upgrades have been purchased, he loots the bodies of his enemies, contributing resources to the Iron Hills directly.

Allowing the upgrades to be discounted gives the player the option to still actively use Gamil to fight his enemies, instead of simply farming for experience to get him to his maximum potential for free.

  • Relentless: Gamil pursues his foes with zeal, attacking 25% faster and gaining 15% damage for 20 seconds. Requires Forged Blades upgrade (Costs 200 resources). At level 10 the bonus increases to +50 speed and +30% damage.
  • Shield Bash: Gamil strikes with his shield, dealing extra damage and knocking down enemies in a small AoE near the target. Requires Tower Shield upgrade (Costs 300 resources). At level 10, knockback increased by 50%
  • Dauntless: Gamil advances through the enemy ranks, shrugging off their blows. Gamil is invulnerable for 10 seconds. Requires Heavy Armor upgrade (Costs 400 resources). At level 10, duration increased to 20 seconds.

The temporary invulnerability allows Gamil to quickly leave the battlefield if he is about to be killed, whilst the personal buff and single target ability allow for more crowd control and strength in battle.

  • Gamil’s Squadron: Gamil calls Dwarves from his squadron to assist him. Requires Mithril Mail upgrade (Costs 500 resources). At level 10, the summoned units are improved.


Gamil and his Squadron

Gamil’s Squadron is one battalion consisting of 10 basic Iron Hills guardians accompanied by 5 basic Iron Hills pike men. It’s a temporary summon that offers for some quick reinforcements to either reinforce your army in battle or allows for a distraction whilst retreating.


Gamil and his Squadron once he reaches level 10

Once Gamil reaches level 10, his Squadron gets improved to the elite units of the Iron hills. 10 Slaughterers accompanied by 5 units of Dain’s Veterans (Iron Hills’ new elite pikemen).

As you can see Gamil is a very strong warrior compared to other scout heroes of Edain. Based around the concept of a new recruit eager to prove himself, Gamil truly becomes a force to be reckoned with once he has shown his qualities. We think his addition to the Iron hills improves their overall early gameplay and we hope to hear some feedback on our new hero.

With kind regards,

The SaT team


Gamil is a strong warrior. Gamil protects the Free-People of Middle-Earth. Gamil doesn't get corrupted by Sauron. Gamil has principles.
Gamil is cool, be like Gamil! :D

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Its a very interesting concept, like the idea of XXX kills very unique indeed, your modding skills go beyond expected!!!

Well done, my friend!

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