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Some intel on what to expect in game. and the various available modes.

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I took inspiration for the gameplay mechanics from several fighting games that I've played. I also took some design influence from the Mega Man Z series. I'm focusing a lot on giving the player a very versatile experience when it comes to PvE and PvP situations.

2.0 Game Progression
The player progresses through the game by obtaining score. Score is obtained by completing missions and PvP matches and is rewarded based on your performance.
2.1 Mission/Challenge Structure
The game has two types of modes: PvP and PvE. Players have the option to enter a PvP room and play against other players in Deathmatch, Team Battle, Base Assault, Capture the Flag and Bout Master.

Deathmatch: A match with 2-8 people. Last person standing or person with the most points after the match is over wins.
Team Battle: A match with teams of 2v2 up to 4v4. One team must eliminate the other team or have the most points to win.
Base Assault: Each team has a base that they must protect. In order to win you must destroy the other team’s base core.
Capture the Flag: One team must steal the flag from the other team's base and bring it to their own three times in a row.
Bout Master: One player starts this room and other players queue up to fight them one at a time. When someone defeats that player they become the new bout master.

The missions typically have one objective:
• Kill every enemy
• Recover or secure SEED fragments
• Protect/escort an NPC
• Survive until the time runs out

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