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A gameplay demo is now availible, please don't refrain from posting your thoughts and comments on it.

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The gameplay demo is availible now:

Type of demo:


Known Issues:
One AI is seamingly invincible, however if you get close enough he can be killed.. Some have experienced this, some have not.

Demo Review:
By Theenzelm of

"In the intro map of Vengeful Spirit you progress along a river in a valley, which is beautifully crafted. The careful placement of Vegetation, Rocks and Props makes everything look very natural and realistic. Combined with a TOD which fits perfectly and the amazing soundscape of rustling grass, birds and the floating river make the map so immersive, you can feel the wind in your face and the dusty ground under your feet. There are only first signs of a story, but I hope it will fit the mood of this map, which is for me the feeling of early morning in the summer, the silence before the hectic of the day begins. The refinery with its railway blend perfectly into their environment, though they are an interesting contrast of civilisation and industry in the middle of so much almost untouched nature. Also opponents were placed nicely, most of the time you cannot see them at first but you only have a feeling that "someone must be here" and you can already hear them sneaking through the grass and bushes. You might think that gameplay along the river as the main axis is linear, but there are so many different ways to get somewhere and so many possible strategics to approach your enemies, I think no one will play this map the same way as someone else. While the the river always is the main orientation for the player, there is almost never a "main path" but many small paths all equally detailed and visually appealing but also with their advantages and disadvantages which makes the map very interesting to play.

All in all this map has a perfect environment and architectural design so far and while there are some areas that need to be worked over, the gameplay and especially the mood make this map already now great fun."

Enjoy.. And Critiqe is welcome


cool!! good job guys!! but u should post a download link here also

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