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Visual improvements, some media coverage and 48 hours of intense game development and when you might get to try this unique racer out! Head inside to read more.

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Over the past few months since our latest update, the game has continued to advance at an ever accelerating pace. Our artists have extensively worked on in-game lighting and the skybox. This has made a tremendous difference regarding the visual feel of the game, as you can see in the screenshot below.


Many other minor visual effects have been implemented as well, such as freighters flying through the sky and pipes leaking steam in the city. All of this put together has turned this into a game that from a visual standpoint is something we can feel truly proud of. But rest assured, we're not done yet. Gameplay and audio has also been worked on, adding the inclusion of power-ups, collisions and fixing numerous bugs. We have chosen to make January the official Paver-month, when most work on the Paver is to be finished, while February is to be Racer-month. Our goal is to have a splitscreen alpha available by march.

Cinematic view

We're also pleased to tell that Nintendolife have written an article about Velocity Stream.
It's allways a pleasure to see media taking note of your hard work, and the community has responded very positively to the concept. This has boosted us to 80 followers on Twitter. So, to all tweeters out there: follow us at @CavelightEnt.

Half the team hard at work. Damn them narrow-angle phone cameras!

A small piece of news is that we're spending this weekend developing Velocity Stream at an accelerated pace. The idea is to essentially simulate a gamejam, with the difference that we'll be working on Velocity Stream, rather than an all-new game. So if you want to interact with us, go ahead and send your messages to the aforementioned Twitter adress.

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