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Some major updates to release details. I will be releasing a 10 level demo and the game project as Open Source.

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Ok so here's the deal to anyone listening.
I'm done with level 9 so only one level left to make. The 10 level demo will essentially show of all the features the game currently has.

Now I'm afraid that after I finish the demo my time will have to be devoted to a different non game related project, due to its monetary potential.

I'd love to keep working on this game until completion with 50 levels and a great hub level with awesome looking assets and sound but working in a freezer for 8 hours a day packing food at 7.75/h kind of makes you really really desperate for escape and freedom. It also crushingly limits my time to develop levels and forces me to only work on one project at a time, and it's already hard enough to motivate myself after I get home dead tired after work with sunken spirits...

So with all that in mind I have decided to not only release the demo, but also my game project itself which comes with all the tools needed to create your own levels and technically even share them with others!
In fact, everything is completely exposed so anyone interested can continue to improve the game with better graphics, music, sound, and gameplay... or just play around and learn Unity3D if you're a beginner.

NO CODING SKILLS ARE NECESSARY TO MAKE LEVELS and I will be writing a brief level making guide, essentially going over my workflow and discussing a few special details relating to the tools.

I will be releasing all this for free since I'd feel kind of cheap to charge anything but I'll throw in a donate button around here somewhere so if you try and like my work please consider donating, even a buck would send an adrenaline rush of joy coursing through my body!

But definitely leave a comment with praise or criticism, It's the only way I'll learn.

Oh and if anyone has any questions whatsoever regarding anything please don't hesitate to ask, I will answer!

Since I made this game using Unity3D, it would even be relatively simple to port this game to smartphones as well. Someone would just need to code in touch screen inputs and voila!

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