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Got:TW 4.6 - this is basically an upgraded version 4.5 that aims to make this mod equal to the WoW-subsubmod in terms of new units, loading pictures, portraits and other things. It also does fix certain issues with the Starks and Boltons - such as the missing ability to recruit diplomats or build ships for the Boltons, or the fact House Stark didn't stay in the westerlands and fight with the Tullies.

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EDITED as of 2017-07/26 - Updated more final version of 4.5 uploaded with the same changes as seen in the WoW-subsubmod plus some fixes.

EDITED as of 2017-07/21 - MAC-compatible version uploaded - only for MAC-users.


Game of Thrones Submod for Westeros Total War, v. 4.6

Download link:

Game of Thrones Enhanced V. 4.5!

Got:TW 4.6 changes and information - This is basically an upgraded version 4.5 that aims to make this mod equal to the WoW-subsubmod in terms of new units, loading pictures, portraits and other things. It also does fix certain issues with the Starks and Boltons - such as the missing ability to recruit diplomats or build ships for the Boltons, or the fact House Stark didn't stay in the Westerlands and fight with the Tullies. Now they will have the Pinkmaiden region and will also defend it - their whole army has been moved to the south!

Rebellions of generals/family members have been removed as well.

Install the mod by extracting the folder "GoT_Enhanced" inside of the SEGA\Medieval II Total War\mods-folder. Start by clicking the executable-bat-file.

This is obviously not the huge update that was promised - it will arrive later as we have problems with the campaign. Until then, enjoy this improved old version.

Mac-version: (still the old 4.5).


For those of you who already have a working GoT V 4.0 version - i'd say you just need to download and extract this new version, then delete your old GoT_Enhanced-folder and replace it with this new version. It should work that way.

Try this otherwise, if you need to install the mod from scratch, before doing the long installation:

"Try to just place the downloaded folder in your mods folder then - but make sure it's mods/GoT_Enhanced and not Mods/GoT_Enhanced/GoT_Enhanced.

It may work - in the worst case it's gonna be unstable. But it may not be.

Start the mod by clicking the bat-file- do not start it with administrator rights- just double click."

For those who need to install this from the beginning, first try the above and if that doesn't work - the old instructions apply:

Make sure you have Medieval II Total War Kingdoms installed, disable the UAC if you can and all that- then install the youngblood/enhanced version of Westeros Total War found here:

After the above installation you will have a better version of the original Westeros Total War.

After that is installed, rename the mod-folder from Youngbloods to "GoT_Enhanced"- then install version 3.0 of the GoT-mod found here:

Now you'll have the old GoT 3.0 version without the units and new changes.

When that's done you should download the v 4.5 of the GoT-mod and extract it to a location of your choice. Then you'll find an extracted folder named GoT_Enhanced, inside of this folder you'll find another folder with the exact same name- cut and paste the folder inside with the same name over your renamed GoT_Enhanced mod-folder.

You should now get alot of messages like "file already exists" etc- click yes on overwrite for all files.

This should give you the new version in a stable format. Then, you can play!

FOR STEAM-USERS- You may need to rename the mod into one of the actual expansion-names, like for example renaming GoT_Enhanced to "teutonic", "Americas" or something like that.

You do also need to play a custom battle before entering the campaign, as otherwise the campaign will crash when trying to enter it - this is a Steam-related problem only.

If you want the music of the show you need to also follow the steps below.

Regarding the music submod:

"This is what you need to do to get the awesome music to work:

1. Buy or download the albums of season 1 to 3.

2. The mod is already compatible with the music- you just have to get the music yourself and follow the instructions under this text - because i couldn't upload the full albums. And this mod is compatible with the full songs of the first three albums.

3. The game-files are already in their places.

4. Place each song of albums 1, 2 & 3 in the music-folder inside of your sounds folder- which is inside the data-folder of your mod.

5. Remove the "Main Theme"-songs of season 2 and 3, as it is the same as the first song of season 1.

6. Rename all songs to numbers from number 1 to nr 67. Don't touch the two songs from the music mod that followed with the download.

7. To be secure- delete the event.dat and event.idx-files inside of your sounds-folder together with the music.dat and music.idx-files.

Now you'll have a fully working music submod.".


1. New playable House Bolton faction - led by Lord Roose Bolton of the Dreadfort, and complete with a new GoT-look-alike roster. The units do look like in the TV-show!

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kingdoms 2016 12 10 12 57 52 718

kingdoms 2016 12 10 12 58 53 203

kingdoms 2016 12 10 13 03 06 326

kingdoms 2016 12 10 13 03 39 062

kingdoms 2016 12 10 13 04 22 620

kingdoms 2016 12 10 13 04 59 378

kingdoms 2016 12 10 13 05 08 709

kingdoms 2016 12 10 13 05 12 210

kingdoms 2016 12 10 13 07 52 642

kingdoms 2016 12 10 13 15 27 392



2. New textures for many shields as well as improvement of many units in the game - new model parts etc!

3. New unit pictures, background pictures, portraits and other stuff implemented - video addon also added! And the unit portraits not added will be added in a patch shortly, i just wanted this released before the voting close.

Everything is finished but for a few minor things.

4. All rebels and mercs in the game have been replaced by new unit models - no more vanilla units in the game. I Have also created over 20 different rebel groups, both based on regions and capitals.

The capital rebels are elites, and the other regional rebels are commoners of their specific regions.

5. A few new units for some of the old factions - especially House Tyrell, and House Martell.

6. All working strat-models added- but the Lannister and Stark ones didn't work - so they borrow from others, no more vanilla strat-models in the game.

7. Mercs recruitable from guilds - factions can now create guilds where they can get unique Southern mercenaries.

8. New recruitment-system based on regions - you can now only train and recruit the troops of a specific region in that region. Westerland troops in the Westerlands, and Riverland troops in the Riverlands etc. As for the elite-units, you can only ever train your own house elites -but you can train them in all capital cities that you hold.

9. Many bugs and errors fixed - the russian text is now gone from events and the like.

10. Added alot of minor things also.


The WTW (Westeros Total War)- mod team for the base-mod:
~ HannibalExMachina
~ Dr. Noob
~ Toho
~ cedric37
~ Edric Storm
~ Cobi Wan Kenobi
~ Dux
~ Inarus
~ Kiliç Alì
~ LordInquisitor
~ Mhaedros
~ SoulGamesInc
~ Stannis-the-Mannis
~ GatorMarine1833
~ Makanyane
~ Valar Morghulis
~ Hross
~ Iron Orchid
~ John Scigulinsky
~ Emperor of Hell
~ Murfmurf
~ Radboud
~ Paleo
~ Tyler
~ MasterBigAb
~ MemduhG
~ HeirofAlexander

-and the GoT team (Game of Thrones V3.0) for the base submod:
~ Inarus - Images, basic graphics, music and Image Research.
~ Radboud - Faction Symbols, UIs, and All Epic Graphics. ~
~ AndariusHaliusScipio - Awesome Audio Clippings ~
With Particular thanks to...
~ Emperor of Hell and Mhaedros ~
- For sharing their Wisdom in the art of modelling, texturing and much much more than can be listed,

Looking for...
~ Unit Modellers! ~

Game of Thrones V 4.0:
~ VltimaRatio (unit modeller, new models/unit cards for strat-map and battle map, new custom battle maps)
~ Mr_Nygren (text editing, script stuff- (Replacing old models with new ones in the text-files, implementing new horses and siege artillery)
~ Western Unit Overhaul Source Files (mod resource) by GeMiNi][SaNDy were used as a base for new units.
~ Siege engines are borrowed with permission from the De Bello Mundi-mod, creator Rhaymo.
~ Marka Medium and Heavy Horses- by the Ruschi-team.

Game of Thrones V 4.5:

VltimaRatio (unit modeller, all improvements on the models already in the game, creation of all the models, implementation of the models into the game and custom battles/campaign, some work in the EDB, descr_strat and the EDU regarding these new units.)

Mr_Nygren (modder, everything else new basically. New transparant pictures. The work of adding region-specific rebels, capital-specific-rebels, mercs into the EDB, all new pictures not counting the ones Kenzo36 did, new backgrounds, new portraits, the recruitment-system which took alot of time to set-up and fixes of various bugs, silver-surfers and errors.)

Kenzo36 (all the longer unit descriptions in the currently released version (like six maybe), for the "CAV"-texts on a few pictures being cavalry and not infantry, for the Frey non-transparant hero-portraits and for the new unit-info pictures being in the released version for a few units -like the Lannister Swordsmen unit-info pic.)

Preview video of a battle - House Stannis VS House Bolton:


Awesome! Guys please keep up the good work!

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Mr_Nygren Author

Thanks =).

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love that picture

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Mr_Nygren Author

My avatar? How come?

It was inspired by The Matrix a long time ago.

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Mr_Nygren Author

You did mean the Bolton-picture? Yes, it's cool :)

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Afraid I'm running into the dreaded "unspecified error" crash when I try to launch a campaign -_- . I double-checked all the install steps and tried switching off Daylight Savings; no luck. I've got Windows 10, and UAC/virtual store haven't been a problem with other M2TW mods.

I'd really appreciate anybody's thoughts/advice; mod looks great, would love to play it. Thanks.

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Nvm, tried the campaign after a custom battle; worked!

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Mr_Nygren Author

I see, then it's not a bug - Medieval 2 always crashes if you attempt to first start a custom battle, backs out of the menu and then attempt to start a campaign. Or vice versa where you first want to launch a campaign, but return to the menu from the selection screen - and then try to enter custom battles instead.

Always causing crashes, as you need to enter the campaign when you have entered the selection screen - or enter a battle, before trying to start a campaign - if you have visited the custom battles menu.

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Mr_Nygren Author

Try to remove the rvm-file located inside of the GoT_Enhanced/Data/World/Maps/Base-folder. It can cause crashes when trying to start new campaigns, and needs to be created from the game in your computer when playing.

Otherwise it may be this other cause another guy had with the previous version -some computers can't handle the siege engines of the mod. This is fixed by removing them, but that's a few files involved. I guess i can't help you with that.

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I'm on mac and when I follow the new steam instructions I just get crashes at launch of the game.

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Mr_Nygren Author

I am no expert on Steam nor on MAC, you can test the old instructions then.

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