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Got:TW 4.7 - this is the completed backup of the GoT:TW version we had before Vltima started to create units for minor houses en-masse - it has completely new basic rosters for all houses, some new elites, new mid-tiers, new factions (most are WIP) and new loading pictures as well as gameplay & starting positions. Karstarks are part of House Bolton as they needed generals. I may release three more versions, but 4.8 is certain if i just can solve a CTD-bug as it's done basically -Enjoy!

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EDIT: Always start a quickbattle and exit - then after you have done this (each time when you start the mod) the campaign will start up just fine.

With some factions you don't need to do this always - but there is a bug and the best way to avoid it is by starting and exiting a quickbattle first.

Also, never use "Auto Manage Everything" because that will cause the game to CTD alot for certain factions.

Game of Thrones Submod for Westeros Total War, v. 4.7

Download link:

Game of Thrones: Total War Enhanced V. 4.7!


I would say you just need to download and extract this new version, then delete your old GoT_Enhanced-folder and replace it with this new version. It should work that way.

Try to just place the downloaded folder in your mods folder - but make sure it's Medieval II Total War/Mods/GoT_Enhanced and not Medieval II Total War/Mods/GoT_Enhanced/GoT_Enhanced.

Regarding the music submod:

"This is what you need to do to get the awesome music to work:

1. Buy or download the albums of season 1 to 3.

2. The mod is already compatible with the music- you just have to get the music yourself and follow the instructions under this text - because i couldn't upload the full albums. And this mod is compatible with the full songs of the first three albums.

3. The game-files are already in their places.

4. Place each song of albums 1, 2 & 3 in the music-folder inside of your sounds folder- which is inside the data-folder of your mod.

5. Remove the "Main Theme"-songs of season 2 and 3, as it is the same as the first song of season 1.

6. Rename all songs to numbers from number 1 to nr 67. Don't touch the two songs from the music mod that followed with the download.

7. To be secure- delete the event.dat and event.idx-files inside of your sounds-folder together with the music.dat and music.idx-files.

Now you'll have a fully working music submod.".


1. New basic rosters for every faction in the mod - basic units are half of the old rosters and it's like ten units per culture, such as Northern, Southern, Ironborn - plus VltimaRatio has also created texture variations for individual Houses such as House Renly, House Arryn, House Tyrell etc.

Actually, VltimaRatio (the modeller) has created new Northern and Southern rosters two times since january. He didn't think the first ones he made back in January (included in this release from 7th july that i've been touching up and completing, as i managed to get rid of the gamebreaking CTD) were good enough in the game, he felt the style was wrong - so i have implemented southern and northern units two times over.

The old Southern units from version 4.5/4.6 were replaced by new ones created in dec/jan by VltimaRatio - I implemented these in may, and they may to some extent be included in this version. When Vltima returned in june he didn't like them and remade them again, which meant i had to do that all over again. Still, if you wonder how the unused Southern units did look there is still one faction who uses them - House Targaryen! It's basic and mid-tier troops have that style making them stand out from the rest.

I don't think the models remade a second time made it into this release, at least not all of them - i know the Ironborn have theirs.

Some pictures:

New Northern basic troops:

New Southern basic troops:

New basic House Bolton troops:

New basic Ironborn troops:

2. New elite/mid-tier and minor House-units for a few factions implemented in this release - VltimaRatio has made alot of models for the Minor Houses, but due to the game breaking CTD the mod couldn't be released - i managed to fix a slightly older version in which only a few of the minor house units were already implemented! This is it, some pictures:




Manderly (also a faction of it's own in custom battles):


Martell mid-tier household troops:


Elite Tyrell Swordsmen as seen in season six:

Remade House Arryn units:


- and more!

3. All the changes from the WoW-subsubmod (minus the things we have replaced once more) - such as Bolton Banner Carriers.

4. New factions in custom battles - such as House Frey (complete faction), House Manderly (complete faction), House Targaryen (amost complete faction, but could use more mid-tier Aegon Targaryen units (i will most likely create some unit variations using the files i have) as well as some mercs from ESSOS?

Then we have WIP factions such as the Wildlings, the Nights Watch and the Dothraki - all with a maximum of six units and a minimum of four. They need work, especially the Dothraki who have glitched weapons. But the factions are there and one can use their units, even though they are few - against other factions in custom battles.

Aegon Targaryen styled mid-tier "Targaryen Swordsmen":

Basic Aegon Targaryen "Dragon Swordsmen":

Unsullied (the vanilla captain has been replaced with an Unsullied Officer):


Wildlings (Cannibals):

- and more!

5. New unit pictures, background pictures, portraits and other stuff implemented - mostly added a new splashscreen, Targaryen loading pictures etc.

6. All rebels have been updated to use the new units.

7. All strat-models for factions in the campaign implemented - House Frey has strat-models in case they are added later.

8. All the implemented Sellswords, basically remade old Westerland units - added to custom battles.

9. New era system in custom battles - Era 0 is the factions own units plus the regional basic units, Era 1 is those units mentioned above plus all the vasall houses/minor houses who has sworn the main House loyalty - For Starks this would be Umbers, Glovers, Mormont, Karstark, Manderly and Bolton etc - Era 2 is all mentioned previously plus the sellswords.

10. The regional system has been updated and applied to the new units - all the new units are now included in the system, but the system itself has been reworked!

- Dragonstone troops can only be trained and recruited by House Stannis, Old Baratheon, Arryn and Reach units are now mid-tier units only available for the respective faction who controls these areas - new basic troops are instead available for all who conquer their territories, and textures on shields differ based on region. - In this way all factions can recruit their opponents most basic troops (peasant/militia tier) while the faction unique troops are no longer available.

- With the exception of basic Ironborn and Bolton units of course.

11. CTD between turn 2 to 6 for Lannisters solved. Possibly solved other small errors as well.

12. Many smaller changes have been made during the months dec to august.

This is not the final UPDATE - i want to release a final 5.0 where everything created and available is implemented, as well as all the missing portraits and glitches on units will be fixed and corrected.

But what i can promise is that i will try to fix the same CTD-bug in the most-up-to-date 4.8 version, which is basically done where it not for the CTD and the EDB - the EDB will be a fast matter if i just get past that CTD. - I will not re-add/re-implement all the minor house units!

If i fail this mod will be abandoned and i will implement everything into A Dream of Springs - a project by Parafix and SoulGamesInc.

If i succeed i will release 4.8 very soon and then i will probably work on implementing units to ADOS while after i am done completing this.


4.8 - Many additional units for minour houses, as well as animations for Dragons and possibly a dragon.

4.9 - The rest of the content VltimaRatio sent me like two weeks ago, it's his final batch of units this time.

5.0 - I've got some raw-material which i can use to create additional units for some minor houses, as well as House Targaryen, the Wildlings and the Dothraki - will probably create these units and implement them in a 5.0 release. - It would also get balancing, all the portraits fixed and be a complete GoT:TW.

Chanses are that i will stop at 4.8 though!


The WTW (Westeros Total War)- mod team for the base-mod:
~ HannibalExMachina
~ Dr. Noob
~ Toho
~ cedric37
~ Edric Storm
~ Cobi Wan Kenobi
~ Dux
~ Inarus
~ Kiliç Alì
~ LordInquisitor
~ Mhaedros
~ SoulGamesInc
~ Stannis-the-Mannis
~ GatorMarine1833
~ Makanyane
~ Valar Morghulis
~ Hross
~ Iron Orchid
~ John Scigulinsky
~ Emperor of Hell
~ Murfmurf
~ Radboud
~ Paleo
~ Tyler
~ MasterBigAb
~ MemduhG
~ HeirofAlexander

-and the GoT team (Game of Thrones V3.0) for the base submod:
~ Inarus - Images, basic graphics, music and Image Research.
~ Radboud - Faction Symbols, UIs, and All Epic Graphics. ~
~ AndariusHaliusScipio - Awesome Audio Clippings ~
With Particular thanks to...
~ Emperor of Hell and Mhaedros ~
- For sharing their Wisdom in the art of modelling, texturing and much much more than can be listed,

Looking for...
~ Unit Modellers! ~

Game of Thrones V 4.0:
~ VltimaRatio (unit modeller, new models/unit cards for strat-map and battle map, new custom battle maps)
~ Mr_Nygren (text editing, script stuff- (Replacing old models with new ones in the text-files, implementing new horses and siege artillery)
~ Western Unit Overhaul Source Files (mod resource) by GeMiNi][SaNDy were used as a base for new units.
~ Siege engines are borrowed with permission from the De Bello Mundi-mod, creator Rhaymo.
~ Marka Medium and Heavy Horses- by the Ruschi-team.

Game of Thrones V 4.5:

VltimaRatio (unit modeller, all improvements on the models already in the game, creation of all the models, implementation of the models into the game and custom battles/campaign, some work in the EDB, descr_strat and the EDU regarding these new units.)

Mr_Nygren (modder, everything else new basically. New transparant pictures. The work of adding region-specific rebels, capital-specific-rebels, mercs into the EDB, all new pictures not counting the ones Kenzo36 did, new backgrounds, new portraits, the recruitment-system which took alot of time to set-up and fixes of various bugs, silver-surfers and errors.)

Kenzo36 (all the longer unit descriptions in the currently released version (like six maybe), for the "CAV"-texts on a few pictures being cavalry and not infantry, for the Frey non-transparant hero-portraits and for the new unit-info pictures being in the released version for a few units -like the Lannister Swordsmen unit-info pic.)

Game of Thrones V 4.6:

VltimaRatio (unit modeller, all improvements on the models already in the game).

Mr_Nygren (modder, everything else new basically. Plus the implementation of everything.

Game of Thrones V 4.7:

VltimaRatio (unit modeller, all improvements on the models already in the game. Creation of every model, and it's an impressive and amazing number just in this 4.7 version - if we count the ones who aren't included, then he has done a tremendous effort this summer - basic units re-done for all, new elites, new minor houses, symbols, portraits for new units, textures, weapons, models).

Mr_Nygren (modder, everything else new basically. I have worked on the mod both in dec/jan (changes seen in 4.6) and may until now. Implemented all the units to my version of the mod, created some Targaryen symbols in custom battles, made weapon variations out of the raw-files VltimaRatio provided me with in january - creating more Targaryen and Dragon-units than just the spearmen, implemented units to the descr_strat, to the descr_rebels_factions, hidden resources to descr_regions and the units to the edb - basically made the units available in the campaign, fixed the CTD-bug that always crashed the mod at a certain turn plus done additional smaller stuff).

Jurcek1987 - Helped me with fixing a glitch making the Targaryen Spearmen hold their weapons wrongly - also added the Banner Carriers to the Bolton model - using the ones from the Western Overhaul as a base - the textures where then moved from the old carriers to the new ones that worked fine with the Bolton models.

Video of a battle between House Stark and House Lannister in 4.7:



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Will House Manderly or House Frey be playable in future updates for the campaign?

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Mr_Nygren Author

House Frey probably in 4.8 if i get past the CTD.

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the shields of house umber are these of house forester .....

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Really nice mod man these better models for House Bolton are great.Really detailed mod.There is only one problem I noticed in 4.7,the Bolton Longbowmen unit disappears when you move away from it in battle you can only see the position of the troops but the troops disappear you can only see them if you zoom on them or move far away you cant actually see them from mid-ranged view.

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Mr_Nygren Author

Yes, that is fixed in 4.8 that's coming soon.

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Though they were only pivotal to the Telltale GOT game, will the loyal Stark Bannermen of House Forrester make an appearance in the mod, even as a mere unit for the Starks and/or Glovers?

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Mr_Nygren Author

In the future possibly.

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That bodes better than the preview for Episode 2 I saw last night after playing the first one.

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Mr_Nygren Author

I actually love the Boltons.

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Does this mean that by 5.0 a targaryen faction will be playable?? :D!

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Mr_Nygren Author

Only in custom battles, and they won't be getting new models - possibly new variations of the Targaryen units.

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I did what you say. (Start quick battle, no auto manage) And afterwards, when I start a campaing, the game crash during the loading screen..Can you help me?

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Medieval 2: Total War encountered an unspecified error and will now exit

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hey great work on the mod hopefully more textures of troops will be enhanced in further updates and other troops finished :)

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Did you have any issues when starting a campaign?

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