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In past few days, I have fixed various bugs that my colleges found in developer builds. Also added new Icon into the game. Ass well as improved some other aspects.

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I have released some game developer builds for the developer team only. We have now almost every system working in the game as planned. I have improved AI pathfinding as well as fixed many bugs past few days.
Also added new Icons to game like bleeding, cold illness, exhaustion and other.
I have added infection system to the game.
This was planned as part of the little story, how this all happened and how the infection spread.
You will need to take antidote against zombie infection every 24 hours or the effects of mutation will start to show. If you do not take your antidote or you just do not find it. You will start to loosing reputation with some survivors, as well as other infected people ( zombies ) will not attack you until you provoke because they will know you have virus in your body as they do.

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