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We are now switching development software from Shiva to Unity. There are few tehnical reasons why we choose to switch all unavoidable within our development.

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Here it comes next important decision within our development team. We have just left Shiva development community and switched to Unity. Several main reasons why have we changed software:

  • bad terrarin vegetation placing in Shiva engine. Vegetation placing depends on terrarin normal which makes trees and vegetation placed depending on terrarin Z normal (result is that plants dont grow upon sky but instead depending on terrarin shape)
  • Primitive collision support with Shiva engine, which supports only basic colliders like box. (not really huge impact on decission but it has played role)
  • ODE physix system, which doesnt give really best results
  • No support for Xbox 360 and PS3 (yet)
  • Documentation / tutorials not really perfectly suited for beginner
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Unity 3 will support some decent rendering and graphic features which would be enough for our game to provide us next gen look.

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