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After fruitful group discussion, the final cast of character for Conundrum, has been decided upon.

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Now that game production is well and truly up and running. We at Carpe Diem, have finalised the characters who will appear in Conundrum. Apart from the main character, they are all historical figures.

Main Character - Cody J. Pieterson: A 25 year old red-headed, 'ordinary man', from the near future, who stumbles upon and gets trapped inside, the trans-dimentional library, which is the setting for the game.

Main Antagonist - Grigori Rasputin: Late 19th and early 20th Century Russian Mystic, who was near impossible to kill, and who wants to escape the library, and wreak havoc upon the world.

Secondary Antagonist - Emperor Nero: Scheming and manipulative Roman Emperor, who (supposedly) died in mysterious circumstances (but in reality was transported to the library), who will do anything to escape the library, and save his own skin.

Main Ally - Glenn Miller: American Big Band Leader, who dissappeared in mysterious circumstances, over the English Channel, and found himself transported to the library; quickly becomes a source of information for the mian character, and a trusted friend.

Secondary Ally - Amelia Earhart: American Aviatrix, who mysteriously dissappeared on the final leg of her round the world flight, and found herself transported to the library; strong willed and fiesty, but a loyal ally of the main character, who appears midway through the game.

Those are the 5 characters we intend to have in-game. If time permits, and there is room in the game, we may add one more character, but this is unlikely

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