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Post to present briefly the game, objective in the short term and who's behind it like a devlog.

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I'm going to see if I can use this little space as a devlog to talk about the development of the game and maybe get some feedback if possible.

So this will act as the introduction to the project. I will try to update on a weekly basis what I have been doing, problems encountered, etc. This will also help me keep track of the progress of the game and hopefully that will interest some of you :)

So far I've made three levels and dressed two. I have also coded quite a lot of gameplay elements that I need to distribute now in the future levels I'm going to create to make sure the progression is nice, and the player is not overwhelmed.
I'm going to dress level 3 this week and then make a 4th level.

In the short term, I would like to make 4-5 levels, all with different environments so that I can make a teaser trailer.
Then I would like to put it on Greenlight without paying, just to see what players think of it to check again if the game has any potential. From there I will decide what to do next, if I need to get that office in SF or not (probably won't happen).

I was inspired by games such as Super Meat Boy, Fez and lately Ori and the Blind Forest (this game is so awesome!)
If I can make something nearly half as good as one of those games, then I'd be the happiest person in the world, or at least I'd like to think so.

The team is made of myself, so it's hardly a team really. Basically when I'm not trying to take over the world with my platformer game, I'm actually working as a producer / project manager in games. So I'm trying at the moment to make everything myself, learning how to make my art not look too bad and code things in a sensible way.

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