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The final version is out, but this is probably the last version. It includes tyranids, Soulstorm campaign, new units for chaos, and other good stuff.

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So the Tyranid Mod team still hasn't released the new version, so I had to work with an existing version. It took a while, but the tyranids are finally coming to GiFR. Because of this, you need Tyranid mod to be installed. Other changes include chaos renegades getting their own building and new units, as well as 2 new daemons were added to sacrificial circle. There are more gameplay changes that you can read about on the download page.

As for the new models, almost all 3D modelers and artist have left Dawn of War modding, so I had to decrease the quality bar for the new models a little. I hope you can forgive me for that. I too find it harder and harder to make myself return to modding, so this will probably be the last major release for this mod (unless something magical happens and we will get a lot of new models for this game). I will continue to do bug fixes and balance adjustments, but I would not expect anything big like new campaigns, races, etc.

Thanks everyone for you support for developing of this mod, without you it would not be possible to make it this far. Huge thanks to Karandras, Arhont, all model authors and other people that helped with development of this mod. Good luck at the fields of battle! Warboss-rus.

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Too bad that it probably was not what you would like.
But at least you have brought out another version.
Thank you very much!

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Warboss-rus Author
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Thank you!

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Krauten - - 121 comments

Warboss-rus "release GIF 1.0"
Newspapers "Sun burns rates drop to 0%"

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Объясните тупому: как установить? Все кинул в корень игры. Модули туда же кинул. Моденизер видит их, но после загрузки вылетает. Что делать?
Побросал ВООБЩЕ ВСЕ в корень. Запустился мод без тиранид. Но часть интерфейса - та, где иконки строительства и тд - не работает или работает через раз.

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Warboss-rus Author
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Нужно качать инсталлятор самого мода (, запустить его и указать папку с игрой (там есть автоопределение, но возможно оно работает неправильно у Вас). После этого накататить поверх фикс (, распаковав в папку с модом. Чтобы заработал модуль с тиранидами, нужно также установить и тиранид мод

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