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eXplore the galaxy. eXpand your empire. eXploit the resources you find. eXterminate those who oppose you. Galactic Armory 1.3 for Star Ruler available now!

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Galactic Armory has finally arrived on ModDB!

Release 1.3 is available on the download page.
Official Mod Thread

For those unfamilar with Galactic Armory, here's an overview of what it does:

  • Implementation of structural limits for most hull types: Normal hulls lose HP as their size increases, specialized hulls for big ships have an HP penalty on smaller scales. The research level is also considered!
  • Extensive rebalancing: Armor can take a lot of punishment but takes a long time to repair; shields are a lot more effective now and completely block incoming damage at 75% HP and above (this can even be lowered by shield hardeners)
  • Double HP for most structures and subsystems (i.e. excluding armor and shields)
  • Level Gain Curve lowered from 1.4 to 1.35 (meaning 5% less improvement with each level of research)
  • 30+ new Subsystems
  • New planetary structures
  • New sound effects, graphics and subsystem icons
  • New textures
  • One new ship model
  • English and German localization
  • Improved formulae for huge ships regarding weapon range, rate of fire and projectile velocity
  • ... and much, much more!

If that's not enough for you, check out some screenshots and the official trailer:

See you at the ringworld, space cowboys!

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