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Galactic Armory 1.7.1 for Star Ruler version has been released!

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Galactic Armory 1.7.1 for Star Ruler version has been released! For more information, head over to the official forum thread.


  • Fixed: AI personalities would not build some ship designs because their scale exceeded the upscaling ability of the corresponding AI
  • Changed: Renamed remnants.txt to remnant_tech.txt (same as in base game)
  • Changed: Modified planetary weapon range formula to me more in line with base game (i.e. size-dependent)
  • Changed: Added autodock behavior to most civilian default blueprints if system is under attack
  • Changed: Severely reduced hull damage absorption across all hull types
  • Changed: Hull maximum/minimum size is no longer enforced by decreasing hull strength; instead, hulls beyond min/max scale will have 0 space. Minimum/maximum space is based on level.
  • Added: Robik's Advisor Mod 1.2.2
  • Added: Added new structure: Planetary Defense Network
  • Added: Advanced Jump Drive mod 1.2 by Azalrion
  • Added: Jump Drive status display in mouse overlay
  • Added: 2 empire flags

Download locations:

Download at ModDB: Download

Download 1.7.1 for SR 1080 at mediafire: Download
Download at BMS: Download (currently broken)

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