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made this to archive the ideas so when I do work on them, they will be right here to review and put into the game! 1/1/2014 time to get crackin!

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free traveling jinchuriki that are not stuck in castles, and tailed form transformation! also a seperate 2 man party of elite akatsuki members that are an enemy of them.

hoshigake clan shinobi for the mist variants of the rock country. male/female will have (silent execution, big swords, and genjutsu)

Kuchiyose No Jutsu(Bin77), summons animals that can be saddled like a horse(or a giant Bijuu!!, GO FULL OBITO!!), uber easy.

1a. Kamui, after obito's mangekyou sharingan is used and activated, the user receives the kamui item, where they can use it more than 10 times, the user throws an invisible item, and when the item hits the ground(ti_on_missile_hit) the target or targets in range will instantaneously disappear and get pwned! (particle system will be changed from green fire to see through circly spiral moving animation, you know what I mean lol)

2.shadow clone jutsu, I know I failed miserably in the beginning(tried to spawn player shadow clones, but they just sat there BUT I just got a bright idea yesterday afternoon, if I can set the face code in mission_templates(you can do so much more in mission_templates compare the header_ for items vs mission_templates in the module_system and you'llsee what I mean >:D to take on the face and items of the user, then the shadow clone jutsu for heroes and non-heroes will be completed!!

3. Susano(yeah I mispelled that :\), scene_prop of susano should be spawned near or in the position of user and a separate animation for the susano will make it perform one_handed attacks with area damage timed at the correct moment each swing is performed. Then after the animation and area damage is finished, the susano will receive a giant bow and perform draw bow animation and deal huge area damage similar to the meteor with an exploding arrow! Then the susano will dissappear.

4. Reaper death seal, with scene prop shinigami, lol you know what will happen next!,

5. great fire annihilation, huge particle system of a fireball will animate forward and when it touches the ground(ti_on_missile_hit) there will be a huge explosion!

7. Tsukonomi, I'll make an animation thats stationary and lasts for like 40 seconds and give it to the targets that are in range of the jutsu! if warband had a way to invert all textures it would be good -_-, haha! and I can change the skybox to include a red moon!!!!!!YEAH

9. aha! rinnegan will make the user immune to all ninjutsu!!

byakugan. YES there WILL be a hyuga clan and skins for both male and female!! (sorry to everyone who have been waiting for so long!) and the proficiency will be increased! enemy leader will be shown.

10. detonating clay, will be given to the rock country , AHA! maybe I can create clay mines for the target to run into a trap!! again that will also be given to the rock country! >:D

11. puppet master jutsu will have you gain control of the scene_prop puppet, I can make it happen, (I know this may be alot but I can also make it so that people can gain control of any puppet on the scene by pressing a certain key!!!(key_clicked)

12. taijutsu will also be done in mission_templates, I will literally enhance the hitboxes for the melee mode! (I should find out how attack animations are attached to certain items too before I do that O_o) of course you will have to wield a taijutsu item for that!

13. sand tsunami , I can make both water and sand tsunami that will be kind of attached to the ground, but I can't make it go downhill, particle system doesn't have physics involved :(, and animate it forward a f, no animated BEYOND the end of the map, so that it keeps going and deals small damage to the target's each second they are in its vicinity.!!!!>::::D

16. a separate game for MULTIPLAYER

17. extra stories and beginning cutscenes adding from vanilla, ex. different eras, naruto arc or the warring states arc, or future arc(stories and cutscenes take a LONG TIME to create, but I'm not normal so lets cut that in half lol.

18. the ability to create your own custom kingdom

1/09/14 just tried, gave me an error that I was missing something :(, will keep trying. >:D

20. extra factions like a rebel uchiha clan, or warring states factions like the senju

21. IMPROVED MODELS, the current graphics give me a headache. 1/13/14 this must be priority #1 !!!

23.Sound Ninja outfit and player faction >:D

24.chunin and footmen/women have three color variations of the default sound shinobi, while jonin and elite shinobi have outfits similiar to the sound four.

25.tobi mask, >:D

Shoarma - - 6 comments

This is awesome man! Naruto best anime ever! <3 ( Dem annoying fillers tho.)

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michaelsmithern - - 53 comments

tell me where madara's stuff is, or if it's with a quest, i have posted like 3 things wanting to know where, it is also i like the idea of having this after naruto, but i wish it would have started at some point during or before the hashirama and madara met each other, that would be cool to make your own plotline, or even start it at the fourth shinobi world war, but the system now is really fun(to me it is) and i look forward to more updates

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michaelsmithern - - 53 comments

oh man i just realized(after i woke up from a 5 hour power nap) that this really demanding, but if anybody can answer the things that im asking for that would be most appreciative :D. also thank you in advance if somebody answers it

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PedroG1996 - - 6 comments

Hey, do you have a preddiction on when the next patch might be coming up? I NEED MOAR

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