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Talks about units that will be in the mod p.s. i need help on creating this mod just pm me if you could do so

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We need People to create a this game/mod because one cannot create the entire mod on his own so if any one would like to help just either comment below or PM me on moddb

Crux to Gryphis 1Planning report I have decided which ground units i will be adding to the game (other than heroes)Auerillia:RPG SAM AAGUN tank AH-4/Apache(ithink that is what it is) Troop transport heli MISSLE SILO=ground super weapon Leasth:RPG SAM AAGUN TANK AH-4 Troop transport HELI MISSLE SILO SHOCK CANNON=GROUND SUPER WEAPONAircraft:all listed in the summary video except the ones not in THE ORIGNAL ACE COMBAT 10Ones not in the videofor auerillia onlyTHE ADF-01A/F Falkenfor leasth only Fenrir (unless playing hard mode then it will be enabled for auerillia use)for leasth only the Glenir HEROES L:ALECT SQUADRONA:Gryphis squadronA:Aqulis squadronA:Falco squadronL:POSSIBLILY THE GLENIR L:ALECT in Fenrir ALECT SQUADRON MUST NOT BE BUILT NOR FENRIR TO BUILD A:Amphibus unitA:DAVIS UNIT A:NAID(submarine can spy on enemy)NON HEROESAIRCRAFT CARRIERLNG SHIPBATTLE SHIPTRANSPORT AIRCRAFTTRANSPORT AIRCRAFT (with meson cannons)DEFENSE BUILDINGSHANGAR + RUNWAYMESON CANNONS (CAN ONLY BE BUILT AT GRISWALD)ECM (possible building that jams enemy missles)Long range radar (detects what the enemies reinforcements are)UI updates (LAST ON THE LIST WILL NEED HELP TO COMPLETE)CHANGES the enemys will be highlighted in a green target box allied forces in blue with FRND or friend in the bottom right corner If the mission is to save something or some one in the top right corner the MPG will display the health of the unit(s) IN time i may also add a mission timer which if it hits 0 the screen will have a box pop up that says MISSION FAILED in green text the actual user interface during game may be changed to look like the hud on the air craft so will the minimap in the bottom left hand corner Audio and extra visuals may be decided later if you have any suggestions or changes requested then please comment please

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