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Third scheduled update for the Eastern Front mod!! Time to see what new toys our beloved factions will have!

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Hello Eastern Front fans!

In this third update you will take a look at our latest additions in the mod. Feel free to ask about the details of each model.

1 - New building models and assets!

Walki and Burro were busy these last weeks making the new buildings for the Soviet faction. Good bye to the old ones and thanks for serving us well during all this time, let's welcome the new ones!

This is the new Soviet Support Barracks building:

This is the new armoury. Every time you purchase an upgrade, something is added to the building.

This is the new Mustering Tent, it still needs to be animated though.

The Tank Hall hasn't being started, so that will be covered in further updates.

Walki also made a different anti-tank mine, due to players being deceived by the strength of the former Teller Mine. Players were surprised that Ostheer Teller Mine was weaker than Panzer Elite's one, but the difference is that PE one is doctrinal, so it better is strong or no one would use it and adding something as strong as that as non-doctrinal is too much. So, the best way to make players aware of the difference of the strength was making a new AT mine, and this is how the Riegelmine 43 was born in EF.

We also intended to give the Brandenburger squad a special mine since the alpha version of the Ostheer, and now they have it, this is the Bentonmine M43, also known as Stock Mine M43:

It is an anti-personnel stake mine, made of concrete and definitely suits the theme of the unit.

2 - New team members!

Not only we have new models, but we also have new team members! Let's give a warm welcome to our new modeler, our three new balancers and our new Russian translators:
* The Soldier(The Soldier) - Modeler
* chaosval3 (Warhammerchaosgod) - Balancer
* Tom (Zenith) - Balancer
* Yappir (Yappir) - Balancer
* ComradeRazor - Translator
* vadklop - Translator

3 - About our future content

Since we are working on full Steam to get a better balanced "base" version to commit into Steam, anything else planned for Eastern Front, such like Campaigns, Reward Doctrines, etc. will have to wait more time. This means we will spend the time improving models, gameplay and we cannot add experimental "changes" into the equation, otherwise the end product will appear like an alpha version.

4 - Mod of the Year 2013 (aka MOTY 2013)

Remember we are still on competition, every vote counts! Help us to reach the first place this year! Remember you can vote for any number of mods you like and you are not limited to one; you can vote for us here.

Thanks for your support,

Archaic Entertainment Team

Campaigner - - 172 comments

Good decision! You got my support! :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+10 votes
willychong8921 - - 1,554 comments

Wait, the Riegelmine 43 is a very difficult and seemingly impossible to disarmed munition, are you sure this can be diffuse?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
blackbishop Author
blackbishop - - 2,156 comments

It will behave like the rest of the mines. It is true that we can add a random parameter that makes the mine explode as if it was disarmed incorrectly.

Reply Good karma+5 votes
CorporalHicks - - 302 comments

Whats the ETA of the Steam "version" ? Can we expect it in Q1?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes
blackbishop Author
blackbishop - - 2,156 comments

Not sure about it, that depends of how the paperwork goes and I have zero experience in this.

But we will try to finish it ASAP.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
DocSavage46 - - 2 comments

I just re-installed and updated but when I load skirmish, Russian and Ostheer cannot be selected. they are visible on the dropdown but not selectable?

I've done 3 reinstalls with no luck. any help most appreciated.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
blackbishop Author
blackbishop - - 2,156 comments

Relic updated CoH yesterday so, Eastern Front custom factions no longer works. We are working in a fix but it will take time.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
DocSavage46 - - 2 comments

ugh.... I appreciate the response

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Gentlemon - - 1 comments

Guys, I really need some help.
Since Steam updated Company Of Heroes, I got the bug that If I start EF, I can play the maps but I cant play sowjet or ostheer, thats realls strange.
because I cant find anyone in the internet who got this strange bug and my friend also got it.
And btw. there is always writen that it cant find "_lua_type@8" in the DLL "LuaConfig.dll"

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
LordRommel - - 71 comments

The new steam patch has bugged coh mods. Please be patient. We are working on a solution.

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Guest - - 693,302 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

harveytrolli - - 1 comments

Since a new patch is out there, but the mod crashes after some minutes.

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