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a compiled list of all the planned changes for the next full version release

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After i have fully completed the surprise gift addon i have for all of you i will be working on completing another full version release, here are compiled planned patch notes so far.

please feel free to provide feedback, comments and any bugs etc that have not been brought to my attention so i can include them in the next full version.

Planned Changes

-President Kimball will become a badass inquisitor
-different ammunition types for bolters, auto guns, lasguns and more
-new perks, a whole revamp of the current perk system which will be progressive
- weapon mods involving scopes, increased rate of fire, condition, etc.
-fixing the orks behaviour and weapons
-crash fixes
-JQ compatibility
-various weapons changes, details revealed later
-various armour changes, details revealed later
-the integration of more warhammer creatures, more tyranids and perhaps necrons
-changes to voice acting
-eldar revamp
-inclusion of the tau empire into the mod
-more npc's and creatures will spawn
-new space marine, chaos marine, imperial guard and sister of battle customisation
-fixes to weapon iron sights
-weapon and armour icons will be updated
-updating the repair lists of warhammer items
-updated the workbench, reloading bench recipes for warhammer 40k items
-various equipment depending on options at the beginning of the game
-players may choose deathkorps of krieg or cadians to be the primary guard force, can be changed at any time by the player
-players may choose either souldrinkers or darkangels to replace the brother hood of steel, can be changed at any time by the player

do note that this is not the full list of changes and some of these are subject to change but this is the preliminary compiled list for the next full version. any feedback, suggestions or other ideas would be great. any volunteer testers would be great and go along way towards this mod.

on another note i will now be able to make dlc compatibility since i have purchased them all on steam recently. although have not played them yet and will have to decide what changes will be made

please stay tuned to the facebook page where i post regular updates or on one of these community websites. dont be afraid to pm me if you need anything

DarkWolf V

Torin831 - - 24 comments

consider putting more NPC's in locations where there are no NPCs like Chance's map :P

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DarkWolfV Author
DarkWolfV - - 425 comments

yes there will definitely be more NPC's introduced

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Zerknautscher - - 8 comments

If you need voices for those, drop me a message, I'd be glad to help out.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
NYCrules32 - - 30 comments

same here on the voice acting, dude

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Sanguinius - - 5,719 comments

Very very nice, i'm glad to see this mod is still alive and kicking butts :D

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anto-shturmovik - - 85 comments

Great news !

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pietrko - - 22 comments

Are there any psychic powers included?

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DarkWolfV Author
DarkWolfV - - 425 comments

Not yet, but i do have some plans regarding this

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